Update: Vietnam: Mo, Dog Meat Survivor, 2

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The dog known as “Mo” is making great progress. He was rescued a week ago, by Sai Gon Time – SGT, after being spotted wandering around, with what appeared to be a machete blow down the center of his face, from the top of his head down to his nose.

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Mo: underneath his muzzle the skin has rotted off, leaving bare facial bones.

Fortunately Mo’s tongue is still intact, but basically all the muscles and flesh on Mo’s lower jaw and the flesh on his muzzle are have become necrotic [meaning the blood supply to those areas was cut off and the tissue has all died. Consequently the flesh rotted and fell away, leaving his bare bones exposed.]

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Mo: his face was covered in gangrene, which vets thought had entered his brain. He has also lost the vision in his right eye, from the infection.

Mo is being fed beef puree meals, to help him get some strength. His latest blood work does not look good, however, his leukemia had dropped by half.
The main facial injury from the machete to Mo’s head is drying up and the skin is forming a crust.

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Mo is making great progress and allowing people to handle and pat him.

Mo is receiving treatment three times a day because prior to being rescued he was unable to drink or eat, due to his mouth being bound tightly shut by a dog butcher.This cruelty lead to Mo becoming excessively dehydrated and weakened. Dr Sasaki is using medication imported from Japan, to help repair the shocking injury to Mo’s face.

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Mo: the infected wound on his back is beginning to heal.

The large infected wound on his shoulder blades has considerably improved, as have many of the smaller infected wounds on his body.

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Mo is making great progress and allowing people to handle and pat him.

Mo has a long way to go for his face and muzzle to heal and it will be a long road before he can be thought of being in a safe recovery phase. Dr. Sasaki says it is still too soon to know of Mo can make a recovery, but as he continues to make progress, Dr. Sasaki remains hopeful.

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Mo: in his hospital bed, in Saigon.

Mo is hospitalized at Dr. Sasaki Japan’s vet clinic in Saigon, Vietnam. Fight Dog Meat is in direct contact with Mo’s rescuers and will continue to bring you updates on Mo’s progress, as often as possible. If you would like to read the first part of Mo’s rescue story, please click this link: Vietnam: Dog Meat Dog Escapes With Severe Injuries.
Link: https://fightdogmeat.com/2015/12/24/vietnam-dog-meat-dog-escapes-with-severe-injuries/

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