Africa, Nigeria: 38 People Die Eating Dog Meat With Gin, pet centricAfrica, Nigeria: 38 People Die Eating Dog Meat With Gin

A number of months ago more than 38 people in Nigeria died a revolting death after gorging on dog meat at a dog meat restaurant, and washing it down with a locally brewed gin known as Kiki.

People began vomiting and losing their vision, to the point of total blindness, according to Nigeria’s Department of Disease Control, and they were all dead within 24 – 72 hours of ingesting the dog meat and gin concoctions. There are reports of the men crying out with severe abdominal and chest pains, as they writhed in agony.

The 37 men and one woman were mainly from Woji, in the Rivers State, Nigeria. It is thought the gin may have contained methanol, which is toxic when ingested. It is also a distinct possibility that the dog meat was involved in the deaths, because none of the dogs are health checked before slaughter.

The proprietor of dog meat joint, Mr. Friday Dickson, was arrested by police and taken into custody, where he swore it was not his fault. Enraged local youths set fire to his restaurant in retaliation to the deaths, destroying valuable police evidence.

The dog meat restaurant owner, Dickson, said he’s been killing dogs and selling dog meat for over 10 years without killing anyone so its not his fault. Dickinson said another man named Chikobi, had brought the local gin to his restaurant for a celebration., pet centric

The dog meat restaurant in Woji which youths set fore to after the 38 deaths.

Strangely, Chikobi did not drink any of the gin himself, however the wife of one of the victims verified Dickson’s story. Cjikobi fled and has not been seen since, after what is now known as the “celebration of death.”

Engr Joseph Akpan defied his wife and church members by leaving his family at church on the Sunday to go off and join the dog meat and drinking celebration. To make things worse, Akpan refused to confess to his wife that he needed medical help, even though she was a registered nurse!

Akpan’s widow, Pauline, said she suspected he was dying and called for people to take him to hospital because he was shouting and rolling on the floor screaming, where he died in her arms.

She recalled that her husband wanted to honor his friend’s celebration at the dog meat joint (restaurant), but when she said she didn’t like him going there, he began shouting at her. Being a nurse, she told him he could get poisoned, which infuriated him even more.

When Pauline heard the her husband’s friend Fabian had just died, plus three others who were all at the dog meat joint that same day, she asked her husband to tell her the truth. He denied eating or drinking on the Sunday and said he “only went there to charge his phone.”

On Monday, a man told Pauline to get an antidote for her husband because he saw Akpan eating and drinking at the dog meat joint during the Sunday celebration. Tuesday morning Akpan woke up blind!

Akpan began rolling on the kitchen floor in pain and shouting that his chest and waist was on fire. Pauline rang her pastor who said she should pray for him. Akpan died in his wife’s arms., pet centric

Dog meat eater from the Sunday celebration, Mr. Jarry, right before he died, inside the tricycle taxi on his way home.

Community Development Committee, CDC, said: “ We cannot go to juju (witch doctor), to find out the cause of the strange deaths because this generation has gone beyond that. Christianity has taken over; we will only investigate scientifically and come out with the truth.”

Because dog meat is a main meat which is eaten throughout Nigeria, people are going to great lengths to praise the eating of dog meat so as not to damage the industry. However, prior to this incident, in a rabies investigation conducted in Nigeria’s dog slaughterhouses, dogs which appeared healthy on the outside and were slaughtered for human consumption,  tested positive to rabies.

Therefore, dog meat cannot be ruled out of the deaths which occurred in Woji, which have now been conveniently blamed on the gin. Dog meat dogs are not health checked prior to slaughter and transmittable rabies can lay dormant in an apparently healthy looking dog, for up to seven months, before appearing outwardly.

Dogs shed the rabies virus in their saliva, even after death, which can be easily passed to people through a minute scrape on the skin, through a person’s nasal passages or tear ducts. Once transmitted, rabies can lay dormant in a person for up to seven YEARS.

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