Christian Churches Endorse Eating Dog Meat, pet centricChristian Churches Endorse Dog Meat

If you are a pet owner in a dog eating country, you need to be extra vigilant leading up to Christian Church celebration times, such as Easter and Christmas, because Christian churches are the largest customers for dog meat during these periods and dog thieves know they can make extra money because demand is so high.

Because Christian churches order dog meat for festive church events, their parishioners happily order dog meat too, for their celebrations at home. It is common practice in some locations to supply dog meat meals at bible study classes and Christian church congregation picnics. Not one shred of regard is given to the brutal slaughter which the animals are forced to endure!

This takes place across Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, China and so on. On one of my trips to Vietnam, I was told by a dog butcher that Christian churches are his “best customer.” Large name church religious denominations are involved in this activity; it is not just little no-name church groups.

When I looked into the face of the dog butcher and heard those words for the first time, I was shocked and stunned. But that was only the beginning of what I was to go on and uncover about Christianity and dog meat, in my years of fighting to expose the dog and cat meat trade.

I am going to go ahead and publish what I know about Christianity and the dog meat trade. It was shocking to me, so I know it will be shocking to many readers too. Some of my own first-hand information I have never published before, or ever seen anyone talk about either. So keep a watch for these religious articles.

Today is Easter Good Friday and dog thieves are very active, knowing that any dog they can grab will be snatched up by dog butchers. If you are a pet owner, I implore you to stay extra vigilant over the entire Easter holiday period.

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Michele Brown,

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