Nigeria: Dog Meat Dogs In A Van At A Gas Station, pet centricNigeria: Dog Meat Dogs In A Van At A Gas Station

Dogs are crammed on top of each other into iron cages and loaded into all types of vehicles for transport to dog markets and slaughterhouses. The photographs in this article were taken at a petrol station in Ondo State, around Ore, in Nigeria.

Dog meat is called 404 or J5 throughout Africa. A regular dog eater in Uyo says he likes eating steamed dog meat made with Maggi stock cubes and salt, then steamed and served with boiled vegetables and palm wine. He warns that “eating dog is not for the faint hearted.”

Nigeria has a population of over 187 million people and a large dog meat trade where massive numbers of dogs are brutally slaughtered under incredibly inhumane circumstances. Many dogs have a sick wedged in between their jaws for them to bite down on, as the agony of their slow death grips their body.

It is common for dog butchers to stand all their own body weight on the dog’s hind legs, rendering them helpless, as the dog butcher slowly saws a large panger (machete type sword), back and forth across the dog’s throat. I have video of dog butcher’s stopping part way through slaughter to have a cigarette and to even take a phone call, as the dog’s lay wincing in agony with their throat partially sawn open,  under the feet of the merciless dog butchers., pet centric

Dog meat dogs in Nigeria, crammed into cages for transport to butchers and markets.

Similar to dog eaters in Asia, Nigerian dog eating customers demand tough dog meat under the false hope it will enhance a man’s libido. This was confirmed in an interview I undertook a couple of years ago with a Nigerian man who was conducting a study on dog rabies in Nigerian slaughterhouses.

As a bit of a joke, body parts of the dog are known as the Gear Box, Telephone wire, etc. Dog meat has a pungent stench and dog eaters speak of its oily strong flavor and addictive taste.

Roasted dog meat is eaten in parts of Plateau State (Birom), and in Southern Zaria (Kachia, Kagoro, Kanfanchan, etc), and boiled dog meat is eaten in Calabar, where Saturday is the main day for dog meat, whether buying it or selling it, throughout a number of dog markets across the area. The two Nigerian locations of Urhobo and Igbo also eat a lot of dog meat.

Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you information on Africa’s dog and cat meat trade, which takes place in over 20 countries across the continent of Africa.

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  1. Connie zumbi - March 30, 2016 at 8:20 am

    What the hell is this world coming too I cant u der stand why they would want to kill and eat these dogs stop eating and torturing dogs


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