Africa: The Fight Against Rabies + Video, pet centric, #fightdogmeatAfrica: The Fight Against Rabies + Video

Liberia is an African country in the Sub-Saharan region which has no rabies control or elimination program, and generally, the gravity of rabies is often misunderstood and underestimated. Liberian Animal Welfare & Conservation Society (LAWCS), are working hard to educate Liberian residents of the danger and how to avoid contracting it.

Fight Dog Meat is in direct communication with the Founder of LAWCS, Morris Darbo Jr., who said: “We are the only group in the country educating community people and children about rabies and its prevention.”

LAWCS have reached over 50,000 school children in Lofa County, in their education program toward eliminating rabies from Liberia. They also run a Responsible Dog Ownership program and offer free veterinary care and treatment for dogs and cats in Lofa County, where over 500 dogs and cats are treated every year.

In recognition of LAWCS groundbreaking work to eliminate rabies in Liberia, they have been shortlisted to receive an internationally acknowledged award from the Global Alliance for Rabies Control MSD Animal Health. LAWCS were handpicked out of thousands of international applicants and the winner will be announces on September 28, 2016, on World Rabies Day.

An independent study conducted inside Nigerian dog slaughterhouses produced results which were horrifying. Over 5% of live dogs for human consumption had full blown rabies, and were still processed as dog meat. Healthy looking dogs can be incubating rabies for up to seven months, and healthy looking people can be incubating rabies for up to seven years!

The rabies virus is shed in the dog’s saliva and can infect humans via human tear ducts and nasal passages.It can also enter the human body if the person has even a tiny skin scrape, invisible to the naked eye. The virus is transmittable even after the animal is dead.

Video: Rabies in Humans – *warning* viewer discretion advised:


Fight Dog Meat will be bringing you many articles on countries within the continent of Africa, where dog and cat meat is eaten in over 20 countries, including Liberia and Nigeria. We wish LAWCS every success for their much deserved award.

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