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Philippines-Video: Rescued! By Animal Kingdom Foundation

Distressed and in pain, it is unknown how long these poor dogs had been hogtied and trussed, then stuffed into plastic sacks, in the tropical Filipino heat. Every one of the four dogs are now recovering at the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), in the Philippines, where they are receiving medical treatment, after being rescued just a few weeks ago.

The trafficked dogs were intercepted in Mangaldan, Pangasinan, where the dog trader was arrested by local authorities, for breaking Filipino animal protection laws which covers transport and pain and suffering.

Notice in the video: the way the dogs front legs are twisted back and tightly tied together across their spine. This is a signature method of the Philippines dog meat trade. The dogs are then carried by their front legs, which dog traders use as ‘carry handles.’ Some local dog traders jokingly refer to it as “handcuffs for dog hands.”

As the dog is carried by its front legs trussed backwards, the front legs are forced to bared the dog’s full body weight and it easily causes the dog’s shoulder’s to dislocate, leaving he dog in agony, but unable to scream out due to having it’s mouth bound tightly shut.

When the dogs are not stuffed into plastic sacks, another signature part of the Filipino dog meat trade is to jam an old can onto the dog muzzle, pushing the metal rim of the can up under the dog’s eyes, to act as a muzzle, which the dog is hogtied and trussed.

Video: these dogs are now rescued and receiving medical care at Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF):


AKF may have rescued thousands of slaughter-bound dogs, then rehabilitated them and re-homed them into loving safe homes. They have even brought a number of dog traders to court. They believe education is key to bringing long term changes in people’s perception of the role dogs play in their every day life. AKF are helping young and old people to see dogs as friends and not food.

To help the Animal Kingdom Foundation keep rescuing dogs from the Filipino dog meat trade, please donate directly to them at: click here.
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Fight Dog Meat will bring you more information from the Philippines, with AKF and more Filipino animal welfare organizations.

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