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Black Dogs Prized For Dog Meat

Black dogs are falsely prized by dog eaters for having extra-potency powers after being eaten. It is falsely believed that all internal illnesses will be cured by eating the meat of a black dog or drinking it’s blood.

It is falsely believed that to be of medicinal quality, the black dog must not have any white or tan spots, or any other markings anywhere on it’s body. It’s fur must be sold black all over. There is no scientific evidence that eating dog or cat meat has any medicinal value what so ever, no matter what color fur the animal has.

Throughout dog eating countries, many manual laborers falsely believe dog meat gives them physical strength and prolonged health, to enable them to keep working long hours in difficult conditions. They say it “recharges” them.

This is very much a false recommendation for eating dog meat because any food will recharge the body’s fuel and if the meat is cooked in a soup, the liquid in the soup will hydrate the diner, leaving them feeling refreshed – exactly the same as any other soup based meal would, including vegetarian/ vegan meals with no meat at all.

Korean dog eaters eat the meat in summer, in a broth soup which they say cools them down; but its the liquid soup which hydrates them. Cambodian and Chinese dog eaters, as examples, prefer dog meat in cooler months, to warm them up from the cold; but any hot meal on a cold day will leave the diner feeling warmed inside.

On Saturday 20 May, 2017, Fight Dog Meat is hosting a Worldwide Event calling for animal protection laws and an end to the dog and cat meat trade. Out theme is: Kindness and Compassion Day. Please mark your calendar to take part.

We hope to have over 20 countries participating, including several dog and cat meat countries who will join us to take a stand on this historic day. Please email me at: to be added to our Event book, so we can coordinate the many events for the day.

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