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Vietnam: Dog Poison Lollipops Kill Man

 A 53 year old Vietnamese man, Pham Duy Thanh, in Vietnam’s Central Highlands has died after biting a lollipop which turned out to be a bait, thrown into their yard by dog thieves. Vietnamese pet owners are constantly having to battle dog thieves throwing poison baits into their yard, to deliberately kill their family pets and steal them to sell for dog and cat meat.

According to Thanh’s younger brother Pham Duyy Do, on Sunday morning Thanh was sweeping his front yard and saw two lollipop sticks on the ground. Do was visiting his older brother, with his six year old grandson Nguyen Kim Phat.

Pham picked up one of the lollipops and told his grandson to eat it. Do said he was standing there and it never occurred to him that it might be dog poison, because he’s never seen this sort of thing before, but he stopped the little boy from eating it because it would be bad for his teeth.

Do had to run errands and left his grandson with Thanh, on;y to arrive back to find Thanh writhing on the ground, foaming at the mouth and convulsing uncontrollably. There was a lollipop next to Thanh with a visible bite taken out of it.

The local police chief Le Van Lich later confirmed the lollipops were dog thief baits laced with poison, and had confiscated many similar items from other pet owner’s yards after being reported by locals.

The police chief said Thanh’s alcoholism may have impaired his judgement to think clearly before eating the poison. Thanh’s family has declined a police autopsy, claiming that the cause of death was already apparent. In November 2014, a two-year-old toddler in the same district was also killed after eating dog poison, believing it to be a lollipop (end of Tuoi Tre News article.)

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