America: Dog-Skin Dog Fur Coats For Sale In The Sears Catalogue, 1902, pet centric, #fightdogmeat

America: Dog-Skin Dog Fur Coats For Sale In The Sears Catalogue, 1902

A Fight Dog Meat supporter shared scans with us, from his historical Sears Catalogue from the year 1902. He was browsing through it and said he almost choked when he saw an advertisement for a Jet Black Curly Dog Fur, Dog-Skin Dog Fur Coats for sale, for $20!

Sales Pitch From the Sears Catalogue:We do not recommend the ordinary plain dog coats. While they wear and give satisfaction, we do not like their appearance, as we can furnish coats that will wear as well or better, that will also look ten to one more dressy, we advocate buying a fine appearing fur coat. While this coat is a dog-skin coat, it does not resemble the ordinary plain black dog coats any closer than our black Galloway coat does a common goat-skin coat. This coat is made from jet black, glossy curly dog-skins, carefully selected evenly matched, thoroughly deodorized, one of the handsomest and best wearing coats in our line, and the kind of dog coat that we do recommend. Made perfectly plain, collar and sleeves, quilted Italian lined, duck interlined, leather arm shields, loops and buttons. Guaranteed for one year from date of sale. No. 41R306. Price…$20.00

Also available on the same page in the catalogue:
Bearskin Coats for $22.50
Norway Seal Skin Coats for $32.50
Russian Buffalo Calf Coat for $25.00, pet centric, #fightdogmeat

Sears Catalogue 1902, pet centric, #fightdogmeat

Sears Catalogue: 1902


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