Guest Post: Walking To Save Dog Meat Dogs, 11 March To 19 March, 2017, pet centric, #fightdogmeat

Guest Post: Walking To Save Dog Meat Dogs,

11 March To 19 March, 2017

The Jurassic Coast from Exmouth to Poole
11 March to 19 March 2017

The following is a Guest Post by Robert Donkers:

“Walking to Save Dogs wants to make sure that the wider world know that the dog meat trade does not just happen for and during the well-known dog meat eating festivals Yulin and Bok Nal.  Every day many dogs are slaughtered in the most cruel ways. In Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Northern India, Laos, Philippines, Viet Nam and China dogs are boiled alive, burnt alive, skinned alive, hung or bludgeoned to death.”

“The Dog Meat Industry will not come to an end soon, and probably not during my life-time, but if we do not set the movement to end it in motion, the Dog Meat Trade will continue to exist.”

“Help me start ending it and make those horrendous pictures and films of suffering dogs something of the past. You don’t want to see them anymore than I do, so please help me and my dogs to raise funds.”, pet centric, #fightdogmeat

Robert Donkers and his seven dogs.

About our 2017 Fundraiser

“Every year my seven little troupers, Justin Johnson, my sister Daisy (who flies in all the way from the United States) and I walk a heritage walk to raise monies. So far we have completed Hadrian’s Wall, The West Highland Way, The Great Glen Way and the Weardale Walk.  This year we thought we should explore the South-West. We will be travelling to the Jurassic Coast and walking almost the entire 95 mile path between Exmouth and Poole.”

“This year, you can choose either to donate to a specific project we are working with, including Dogs Mountain in The Philippines and the Bali Animal Welfare Association in Indonesia, or you can donate directly to Walking to Save Dogs. This will help to fund my future 4-5 month, 2,650 mile Pacific Coast trek in the USA during which I will be raising even more awareness and continuing to fight this barbaric trade.”

“You are able to follow my blog on:
To donate please visit our website where you can donate via BACs, (bank transfer) or Paypal.”

Many thanks

Robert Donkers
Walking With Dogs
Guest Post


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One thought on “Guest Post: Walking To Save Dog Meat Dogs, 11 March To 19 March, 2017

  1. SJ Francis - March 16, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Wonderful cause! Wonderful post! As an animal lover/advocate, thank you for what you’re doing on behalf of animals. Hope you don’t mind me sharing this post on my blog for the animals. Of course, I shall credit the share. Thank you so much!
    S.J. Francis
    Author & Voice for the animals


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