China: Dog Traffickers Feed Concrete To Increase Dog Weight Before Sale, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

China: Dog Traffickers Feed Concrete To Increase Dog Weight Before Sale

Dog traffickers in the prefecture city Luoyang, of Henan province, stomach pump sediment and even concrete into the stomach of captured dogs, to increase their weight prior to sale. Dogs writhe in pain and many die, as dog traffickers botch up quantities of the amounts forced into each dog’s stomach.

This is not a new practice in the dog meat trade. In Vietnam today, a single dog can have it’s weight increased by 4 kilograms (9lb), after being pumped with putrid drain water and then rice. Going back a few years, dogs which were trafficked from Thailand to Vietnam used to be stomach pumped to increase weight. The illegal trafficking across the Mekong River was shut down after Thai authorities eventually stepped in and ended the operation after years of trafficking., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Dog trafficker getting ready to stomach tube captured dogs to increase their weight, before selling them to butchers.

When dogs are stomach tubed, they’re restrained as the tube is forced down their throat and into their stomach. Dogs fight against the pain and the terror of not knowing what is happening to them. Dog traffickers don’t have a clue what they’re doing and often over pump quantities of putrid liquid or food, causing dogs to vomit uncontrollably and many die in excruciating pain., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Dog trafficker laughs as he’s photographed. Note the bottles and plastic tubing.

In Vietnam the last thing done before fully loaded dog truck depart to transport dogs to slaughterhouses, is for the loaded dogs to be hosed down in an attempt to wash out some of the vomit! Many vomiting Vietnamese dogs writhe in pain on trucks, some in various stages of dying, from being stomach pumped with 4 kilograms (9lb), of putrid drain water and rice., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Trafficker’s paraphernalia to stomach tube captured dogs, to increase their weight for sale.

As reported by local Henan Nanyang Chinese animal lovers, dog dealers operate year round in several well known locations, including:
1.  Henan Province, Nanyang City, Yingbin Avenue and the old 312 State Road intersection west of 450 meters.
2. Henan Province, Nanyang City, Yingbin Avenue, Baihe Bridge, east of the channel in the pot kiln village received.
3.  Henan Province, Nanyang City, Tanghe high-speed road under the bridge there is a village for many years dogs traffickers to the dog irrigation and sediment.
4.  Henan Province, Nanyang City, , Deng Loucun dog dogs have long years to the dog irrigation and sediment, and they also killed dogs, stealing dogs, dogs, no evil.

Original Chinese text of the list of dog trafficker location points:

Thank you to the vigilant efforts of local animal activists for flushing dog traffickers out and exposing them to the world. The call is stronger than ever to bring in animal protection laws in all dog and cat eating countries. Animals have suffered in silence for too many years!

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