Vietnam: Instruction Book: How To Farm Dogs In Vietnam, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Vietnam: Instruction Book: How To Farm Dogs in Vietnam

A controversial book has been published in Vietnam which teaches people how to farm live dogs for dog meat, including breeding and slaughtering them for meat. It calls for dogs to be classified as livestock and the trade to be “legalized.” This is serious because although dog meat is ‘not’ illegal in Vietnam, legalizing it will make it almost impossible to ever stop the trade in Vietnam.

This could also set a terrible precedent for other dog meat countries to use as an example to have dog meat legalized in their country., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Cover of the book which teaches people how to farm dogs for dog meat.

The book, Raising Dogs For Meat And Dog Farming Technique is causing serious upheaval between Vietnamese pet lovers and dog eaters. Because of Vietnam’s high demand for dog meat, the author promotes dog farming as a type of cash crop, implying you can’t go wrong.

The  author, Nguyễn Văn Tuyền is an Agricultural Engineer (Bachelor of Agriculture), who says he wrote the book to “help farmers become successful.”, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Excerpts from the book on how to farm dogs in Vietnam.

Book Excerpts: “Benefits Of Raising Dog Meat”

  • “Dogs are popular, familiar and ancient animals kept by humans. We can see dogs everywhere from mountainous areas to cities and seasides. Dogs are kept indoor, watching the house, dog pets, for breeding, for dog meat … to police dogs. However dogs haven’t been studied for statistics, breed management, producing, planned for policies as other cattle and livestock. Yet dog meat farming is still developing quietly here and there. The country has proved high demand for dog meat consumption and supply for dog meat. Hanging out with friends at dog meat restaurants is so easy. You can even eat dog meat at cheap food stalls for lunch and dinner.”
  • “Dog meat is nutritious and delicious food, low on fat, easy to cook so demand for dog meat consumption is quite tremendous. Supply for dog meat has good motivation to develop. This is the key to dog meat farming development.”
  • “Dog meat farming in Vietnam is a profitable business that can help many households to be rich rapidly.”
  • “In order to open successful dog meat farm, farmers need to acknowledge proper techniques in raising, taking care of,  healthcare for the dogs. Knowledge and information in this book has been collected and studied from trustworthy materials then composed carefully. We want to provide farmers with experience in keeping and looking after dogs for meat.”
  • “We hope that the book will be helpful for our dear farmer readers.” [end of book excerpt.], pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Excerpt from the book teaching people to farm dogs in Vietnam. This book is available in book stores across Vietnam.

This book needs to be removed from sale. It projects dogs as objects, as a “something” rather than as a “someone.” The publisher can sell the book because there are no animal protection laws in Vietnam which prohibit blatant animal cruelty from taking place, or the promotion of it.

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  1. jayne oneil - July 4, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    Disgusting dog meat IS NOT good for you it’s harmful as we have seen in Australia no one should make money out of touched lives.


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