China: R.I.P., First Day Braveheart Has Lost Her Battle, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

China: R.I.P., First Day Braveheart Has Lost Her Battle

It is with great sadness that I have to announce First Day Braveheart lost her battle this afternoon, Lanzhou, China time. She was a girl (not a boy.) Her rescuer dressed her in a beautiful purple dress, with a purple flower in her collar, for her final farewell (I will refer to her rescuer as “J.”) I am writing this entire article through tears., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

R.I.P. First Day Braveheart. You are loved by many.

I woke up this morning to find self-assigned ‘pretending fb investigator’ Pat Hermans had maliciously posted that First Day Braveheart was fake news, slandering my name and urging people not to follow Fight Dog Meat. This is the same person (and her sidekicks), who maliciously made false accusations against myself and my organization a couple of weeks before Yulin.

Because of more false accusations from Pat Hermans, I was forced to ask Braveheart’s rescuer, J: “Is this story real or is it an old story?” J assured me is “happening now.” She then broke down and wept as she described everything. Pat Hermans you reduced a Chinese animal rescuer to tears!


As proof that Braveheart’s story is real and IS taking place now, J gave me this video from a Chinese television channel, one of many who interviewed Dr. Huang Dafu about First Day Braveheart being under his care. The video is dated 6.25: [original video link: ]


J then put me in direct contact with Braveheart’s veterinary surgeon, Dr. Huang Dafu, at Lanzhou Po Chi Ling animal clinic. Because of Pat Herman’s malicious accusations I was forced to also ask the doctor if he was treating Braveheart, or not? Dr. Huang Dafu VERIFIED that First Day Braveheart is under his care and he had been treating her for 10 days., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Dr. Huang speaking with press journalists, about First Day Braveheart.

Dr Huang messaged me on Chinese social media and said: My clinic called Lanzhou Po Chi Ling animal clinic, I started from the first day to take care of injured dog, to the present ten days passed. I do not leave the 24-hour care, although now though dangerous. I do not abandon, do not give up.”
我的诊所叫兰州宝芝灵动物门诊,我是从第一天开始照顾受伤狗狗,到目前十天过去了,我24小时不离开的照顾,虽然现在虽时病危,我也不抛弃不放弃., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Braveheart’s sterile room. Dr. Huang stayed with her 24 hours a day in the last days.

Dr. Huang Dafu then sent me this video where he was interviewed by a local Chinese television channel, about First Day being under his care, at his clinic [original video link: ]


An hour later Dr. Huang Dafu messaged me again and said: Do not thank, I can only go to treatment, and now in critical condition.”
不用谢,我只能全力去救治,并且现在处于病危期, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Dr. Huang Dafu messaged me from his vet clinic account, that Braveheart was now critically ill.

I said a silent prayer for Braveheart and took comfort in the knowledge that thousands of people around the world where also praying for her. She had a wonderful life waiting for her in Scotland. She just had to get through this.

An hour later my heart sank. J messaged me saying:
“First gone!”
Thank all the people who care about helping the First Day it freed ….”
Michele it’s gone, I’m so sad! The first is a girl!.
We have tried our best. It is also freed, go to a world without pain!”

There are more and more hair children need us, please sorrow it!”
感谢所有关心帮助过初一的人们 它解脱了……
还有更多更多的毛孩子需要我们,请节哀吧!, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

R.I.P. First Day Braveheart. You are loved.

Final Message To Me From Dr. Huang

Dr. Huang messaged me a final time: “Bad news.” 不好的消息.
And he sent me a link from his own Vet Clinic’s website, with TODAY’S DATE on it: 2017-07-05: The First Day To Go All The Way To Heaven.

The same website also has a previous article on First Day Braveheart, dated 2017-06-25.

The date is significant because Pat Hermans is publicly calling me a ‘fraud and a liar who steals old pictures from the internet and slaps my own logo on them.’ Clearly, I am in direct communication with the treating vet and one of the rescuers., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Beautiful girl.

First Day Braveheart will never be forgotten and will live on in our heart. She was so close to living a wonderful life in Scotland, with a loving family and other dog family members. Her mom-to-be who was going to adopt her, is also devastated. To read the first part of First Day Braveheart’s story: China: Rescued! Dog Half Skinned Alive, Part 1.

Braveheart’s song, from the movie Braveheart. At the three quarter mark of the song, when the bagpipes join in, I was beside myself in grief at the loss of this poor girl.


First Day Braveheart will now become the Fight Dog Meat poster girl for China.
She will join New Year, who is our poster girl for Vietnam.

Pat Hermans you have now hurt very good Chinese animal rescuers and an excellent vet surgeon who worked around the clock to save this stricken dog, while you did your best to undermine everything. You should hang your head in shame! Your relentless malicious attacks against myself and Fight Dog Meat will not go unnoticed any longer.

Thank you for everyone’s support and prayers. Fight Dog Meat will continue to fight for animal protection laws in China and other dog and cat meat countries which have no laws in place. First Day Braveheart will not die in vain.

Thank you for reading,

Michele Brown,

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9 thoughts on “China: R.I.P., First Day Braveheart Has Lost Her Battle

  1. DEVONA JENNINGS - July 5, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    I am so sad, thank you for trying. She deserved a good life. I pray she has life eternal now, full of happiness and love. Far away from the evil humans on earth!

  2. Mary Ann and Patricia Furino - July 5, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    So sorry she didn’t make it may she rest in peace.

  3. Gail - July 5, 2017 at 4:05 pm

    Aww I like thousands of other prayed for a miracle and waited for good news. Her suffering is over, but wow did she suffer, my thanks go to all who truly cared and tried to help her. RIP BRAVEHEART

  4. Anne McKinney - July 5, 2017 at 4:25 pm

    So sorry to hear about braveheart Michele. It seems that everything possible was done for her I hope she is flying free from pain now.
    That was a beautiful tribute to her x
    As for Pat Hermans… it’s a pity a link wasn’t added to get this psychopath sectioned. This is no animal lover. She uses it as a cover to mask her own jealousy towards anybody who genuinely helps animals. I hope this is shared far and wide & shames this monster into silence
    RIP little Braveheart ⚘

  5. Lori - July 5, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    Rip Braveheart.maybe because of you things will Chang for the better.

  6. Sue Bard - July 5, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    I am saddened by the loss of your friend First Day Braveheart. Although an unwilling martyr, her death is not in vain.Her plight reached many people through the media,and will become one more building block in the war against the dog and cat meat trade. The war against cruelty. Rest In Peace First Day Braveheart🌷

  7. Natalie vantieghem - July 7, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    Rest in peace. You did not diserve this. No other animal even. I pray die you and all the other victimes. Regards in the rainbowbridge to all the a nimals. You will run for free over there. Xxx

  8. Zach - July 7, 2017 at 9:07 pm

    I’ve been waiting to hear about her, wishing, hoping that she’ll pull through and have a happy future. So sad to see that she’s lost, but glad her struggle is over. She met the cruel part of the world , but thanks to you guys her last moments were with people her cared.

    RIP Braveheart. Never met her, but love her and all the others.

  9. Janice Mattson - July 8, 2017 at 10:58 am

    RiP Angel Braveheart you have earned your wings. Now fly high into the clouds far far away from this crule earth.


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