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Vietnam: Rescued After Brutally Beaten Into A Coma

Thanh has rescued a four month old puppy on the brink of death, after it was beaten into a coma, over a period of days. After being rushed to the vet, the puppy was given a full ultrasound and x-rays. She has a severe brain injury with a fractured skull, ruptured kidneys, ruptured liver, and intestinal injuries. She has been hit and kicked to the wall so many times she has multiple broken bones throughout her body.

The puppy remains in a coma, in intensive care in hospital, and is not expected to live through the night. The veterinarian is particularly concerned about the little dog’s brain injury because she may be left in a coma, brain dead.

Thanh has named the little dog Gen, after Japanese Genki (health.)

Gen’s owner is a young man who begged to have a dog as a pet. However the grandfather lives with the young man’s family, an he hates dogs. The grandfather beat and kicked this poor dog so viciously over a period of days that the dog may never recover. He has also broken his grandson’s heart.

Gen is receiving treatment in Sasaki Vet Hospital where they’re giving her the best treatment available. This is the same hospital which the dog ‘Superman’ was in. We pray Gen can beat the odds, like Superman (who is still doing great in his new home.)

Little Gen has a long hard road to climb to recovery. She has so many broken bones, damaged organs, a fractured skull, and a broken heart and spirit. If anyone can help pull her through this, Thanh can.

Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you updates on Gen’s progress.

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2 thoughts on “Vietnam: Rescued After Brutally Beaten Into A Coma

  1. Mary McMahon - July 27, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    This is utterly evil and so heartbreaking for the poor dog and the young boy.
    This boy will never lose this image. Poor puppy, a miracle is needed.
    So sad, sad, sad😪😪😪

  2. Joy Lisi - July 27, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    What you did to the dog should be done to you……..


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