China: Vet Loses Everything To Save Yulin Dog Meat Dogs, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

China: Vet Loses Everything To Save Yulin Dog Meat Dogs

Dr. Pan needs urgent help for one month. He’s almost bankrupt because he’s fighting to keep rescued Yulin dog meat dogs alive, after people who made promises to help with costs abandoned him. In a time of need he said yes to taking ‘some’ dogs. 121 dogs arrived! Moved by the terrible condition of the dogs, he said: “It would be inhuman to turn them away.”

With 121 sick and injured dog meat dogs in his building, Dr. pan had to close his vet clinic, shut down his grooming service and close his boarding facility! Understandably, clients demanded refunds on their membership cards, which drastically hurt his clinic business.

His vet clinic was now a contaminated site and he couldn’t risk clients bringing pets into this environment., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

One of the 121 dogs at Dr. Pans, rescued off the truck headed to Yulin.

One dog died on the first night. Many of the dogs were very sick so his medical staff went straight to work. Dr. Pan operated throughout the night, night after night. Dog after dog came down with CDV (canine distemper virus) and CPV (parvo virus), killer diseases to un-vaccinated animals.

Local animal lovers rallied to help Dr. Pan with necessary items such as food bowls, blankets, dog food, and more. Some local companies helped with CDV/CPV test kits. Individuals donated small amounts of money to help with the dogs. Meanwhile, shady people were using Dr. Pan’s clinic name to collect donations which were intended for him.

Video: inside Dr. Pan’s vet clinic, with the 121 rescued Yulin dogs (not graphic.)


Thugs Arrive To Steal All The Dogs

On the third day Dr. Pan and his staff were confronted by a group of thugs who claimed to be in charge of the dogs. These were the same people who were using his clinic name to falsely collect money for themselves. The thugs demanded all the dogs be handed over to them and viciously threatened to have the clinic surrounded by more thugs.

When they falsely accused Dr. Pan of making money from housing the dogs, Dr Pan said: “If that’s the case, I want to return all money to all the donators and your group pay for the bills.”

The thugs refused to leave for over three hours, holding everyone in fear for their life. They finally left empty handed, with a parting threat that they would return the next day for what they said was rightfully theirs., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Some of the rescued 121 dogs, at Dr. Pan’s clinic.

Clinic Staff Quit And Walk Out

Dr. Pan’s staff began quitting and walked out. They saw no benefit to working their and were furious that normal services were now completely suspended, to look after dog meat dogs.

He has so many bills that he is drowning in debt, because of the cost of the medicines for the CDV dogs. And now his family is angry at him too. He told me he has to keep doing his best to bring these dogs through to wellness.

After a few days 70 of the dogs were relocated, leaving Dr. Pan with 50 dogs; of which 42 were very ill.

42 of the remaining dogs had distemper/parvo (CDV), and only eight dogs were healthy (probably stolen pets which were vaccinated.) Dr. pan’s team was fighting around the clock to do everything possible to pull the dogs through. Despite expensive medicines and the best efforts possible, some more dogs lost their battle, leaving 35 CDV dogs., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

One of the 121 dogs at Dr. Pan’s clinic.

Critical Need For More Medicine

Dr. Pan is in critical immediate need for CDV medicine to treat the remaining 35 distemper/parvo dogs. 80% of these dogs are expected to survive but can’t leave the clinic for another month at the earliest. The DAILY cost of the medicine is astronomical and has financially crippled Dr. Pan. He has paid multiple thousands of dollars since June 20. Now he needs your help to get through the last month.

When the final Rescue 619 dog is ether fostered or adopted, Dr. Pan said he will sanitize the entire clinic and repair the damage done to the rooms, through moving heavy cages and so on, and eventually hopes to reopen one day. But for now he must get through this coming month. If you are unable to donate, please share the fundraiser.

Video: Today: the remaining 35 CDV dogs at Dr. Pan’s clinic (not graphic.)


Fundraiser To Help Dr. Pan:

Fundraiser: Rescued Dogs From The Meat Market:

The fundraiser for Dr. Pan is not owned by Fight Dog Meat (FDM), and no money comes to FDM.
FDM is sharing the fundraiser to help Dr. Pan.

Dr. Pan’s Banking Details for wire transfers:
Bank account number:9553307201645711
No 7,Hongshushangye Street,
Baishizhou Area, Nanshan District,
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province,China.

Dr. Daniel Pan is 30 years old, married with one child. He studied Veterinary Medicine in Hong Kong and graduated in London, United Kingdom., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Dr. Daniel Pan’s business card for his vet clinic: Paws & Claws.

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