Vietnam: Dogs Seized From Saigon Streets, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Vietnam: Dogs Seized From Saigon Streets

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon has begun seizing dogs from the streets. There is no government facility to house large numbers of dogs in Saigon and no animal protection laws in Vietnam. Seized dogs will be killed after 72 hours: “executed and burned alive.” Many local people think dogs are being killed before 72 hours because there’s no where to house them., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

This dog in Saigon is seized by city officials.

From September 15, 2017 dogs in Vietnam must be muzzled and leashed to be on the street, otherwise dogs can be seized by local officials and killed within 72 hours. The fine for not having a dog muzzled will be 800 to 1 Million dong. If a loose dog is seized on the streets the owner must produce a current rabies certificate and pay 2 Million dong to reclaim their dog. If the owner does not have a current rabies certificate the fine will be 2.5 Million dong to claim their dog. Many low income dog owners will not be able to afford such a high fine., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Laying in the back of the dog catcher’s truck, this senior dog is blind in one eye.

Where are the dogs being kept for ’72 hours’? No one knows.

Are they being watered and fed? Probably not.

How are they being slaughtered? We know that for theft the law states ‘property’ resulting from theft is to be crushed or burned alive – including animals. Last year over 5,000 live cat meat cats in low bamboo cages were crushed to death by being run over by trucks. Burning dogs alive is a definite possibility, but has not been confirmed., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Seized dogs in the dog catcher’s truck. The small dog is obviously a loved pet!

There would be far too many seized dogs to beat to death. Export greyhounds from Australia which are not winning are killed on the side of the racetrack by injecting them with insecticide! But again, there would be too many seized dogs to inject like this. Insecticide injections cause the dogs to thrash in agony and they slowly die, so the dogs have to have all four legs bound and their mouth tied. This can be done with greyhounds, but not stray dogs who will fight for their life.

So we come back to the question of how will the seized dogs be killed? The fact we do not know the answer to this important question rings a lot of alarm bells. Vietnam needs animal protection laws to be urgently implemented and enforced.


Not everyone is against Vietnam’s new dog laws. Many local people have had family members bitten by dogs or they have collided with dogs on their motorcycles, resulting in injuries to themselves, the dogs and their motorbikes.

 Fight Dog Meat will continue to monitor this serious situation as it unfolds across Vietnam.

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