Vietnam: Cat Meat Restaurant On Social Media, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Vietnam: Cat Meat Restaurant On Social Media

A Vietnamese cat meat restaurant named Đặc sản thịt mèo [Cat Meat Specialties], is using Facebook to entice new customers. They promote their business by posting photos of live and cooked cats along with happy customers eating cat meat banquets. (Restaurant link below.), pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Cooked cat meat at Đặc sản thịt mèo cat meat restaurant.

The cat meat restaurant says: “If you haven’t tried [their cat meat], try to see the special produces [dishes] see: [their phone number] 0904555238.”

Feel free to visit their cat meat restaurant’s Facebook page: Đặc sản thịt mèo.

 The restaurant’s Facebook page has photos of live cat meat cats, waiting to be slaughtered for their meat. Cat meat is known as “Little Tiger” in Vietnam., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Live cats at Đặc sản thịt mèo, waiting to be slaughtered.

 Life is very difficult for most cats in Vietnam. They’re often seen as evil creatures which are mostly feared and even hated. Cat meat is a popular dish in Vietnam. Its eaten at the start of each month to ward off superstitious false beliefs that eating cat meat will give supernatural powers to prevent bad luck for the month. Per ratio per population Vietnam has the largest cat meat trade, with millions of cats being slaughtered and eaten each year., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Cat meat served at the Đặc sản thịt mèo cat meat restaurant.

Going back in time to 1998, so many cats had been slaughtered for cat meat that farmer’s crops were ruined by uncontrolled plagues of rats and other rodents. Without cats, Vietnam’s rice, vegetables and fruit crops were plunged into severe jeopardy. In February 1998 the Prime Minister at the time passed a law to prohibit the hunting of cats for food or export and for Vietnam’s cat population to be helped, by feeding and protecting them.

The 1998 law revoked the license for cat restaurants and called for them to be immediately closed. The law threatened serious implication for cat smugglers, cat traders and cat traffickers across the borders. Unfortunately the law was not upheld and many officials openly enjoy eating cat meat., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Happy customers chomping on cat meat at Đặc sản thịt mèo cat meat restaurant.

Fight Dog Meat works just as hard for cats as for dogs. Social media platforms are being widely used to promote the dog and cat meat trade and Fight Dog Meat will continue to expose them.

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