Vietnam: Update, Mina After Her Leg Was Hacked Off By Her Owner, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Vietnam: Update, Mina After Her Leg Was Hacked Off By Her Owner

Mina’s front leg has been surgically amputated by one of Vietnam’s leading veterinarian surgeons, in life saving surgery. Mina was a healthy dog, but untrained and unruly. After she killed over 30 of the neighbor’s birds, they tried to stab her with a knife to get rid of her. Mina retaliated and bit them. As a show of good faith to the neighbors in punishing the dog, Mina’s woman owner made an outrageous decision to hack off Mina’s leg the next day.

On September 22nd, 2017, her owner tied Mina to a post and tightly bound her mouth shut. The woman owner picked up a machete, stretched out Mina’s front leg and hacked the leg off in one strike. Mina recoiled in horrific pain as blood spewed from the severed leg. With her mouth bound tightly shut Mina was unable to scream out to vocalize her agony., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Mina laying Dr. Sasaki’s operating table, after her amputation.

Mina’s video went viral as people expressed their outrage. Mina languished in pain for days, with a bare leg stump exposing bones, nerves and sinews. After a few days Mina’s owner allowed Mina to be taken to a local vet clinic, but not to a major clinic.

One week after Mina’s leg was hacked off, it was infected and the dog was in pain and suffering badly. Finally she was allowed to be taken to Saigon, into the very capable hands of Dr. Sasaki who is one of Vietnam’s most prestigious veterinarian surgeons. There are many dog acl surgery alternatives, but this was a drastic alternative.

Dr. Sasaki performed life saving surgery on Mina and amputated the remaining front leg which had become heavily infected. She is now listed in “stable condition.” Thankfully Mina will remain in Sasaki Animal Hospital for some time.

Video: Warning – graphic content. Viewer discretion advised.



We will continue to follow Mina’s story and will bring you regular updates.

Read Mina’s original story: Vietnam: Woman Hacks Her Dog’s Leg Off

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