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China: Dog Dragged Behind Car

This poor dog was dragged along the road by a brute of a person who saw the live dog as nothing more than an object. This desperate dog is a “someone” and not just a ‘something.’ This took place as many people across China celebrated the mid-Autumn festival.

This dog was dragged (video below), because its seen as “only a dog meat dog.” In other words, a dog which they’re going to kill anyway, so this saves them the time. They believe the terror the dog is experiencing with enhance the meat, by making the texture as tough as possible. They see tough meat as a higher class of meat.

Dog meat is eaten with the false belief that tough dog meat enhances a man’s libido. Its also eaten for the false belief that it imparts medicinal super powers when ingested. There is no scientific evidence to support any of these beliefs based in superstition.

Video: viewer discretion advised. Footage shows the live dog being dragged.



Scenarios such as this one are not unusual because there are no animal protection laws. Perpetrators are not punished and animal lovers are unable to confiscate the dog because they would be charged with theft. Local animal lovers find these scenes heartbreaking and highly distressing. They want the cruelty exposed to the world and are desperate for animal protection laws to be brought in.

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