China: Street Side Dog Meat Market, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

China: Street Side Dog Meat Market

People living near this dog meat slaughter yard walk along the street without comprehending the horrors taking place before their eyes. Until animal protection laws are brought in and upheld, street side dog meat slaughterhouses will continue to operate at every opportunity., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Poor dog, possibly suffering distemper or parvo, waiting to be killed for dog meat. You can see the effects of diseases on the dog, in the video (below.)

The live dogs are for sale as dog meat, but in the video below you can see they are very ill. Based on the dogs’ twitching they appear to have distemper or pavo, which attacks the central nervous system. Both diseases are fatal if left untreated and even with medical intervention, distemper and parvo are difficult and expensive to treat. They require a months of expensive medicines and close hands on veterinary supervision., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Dog butcher sharpening his cleavers, as live dogs are forced to watch their cage mates brutally killed in front of them.

Although sick and injured dogs are being slaughtered for human consumption, there is no regulatory meat inspection of the animals prior to, or after slaughter. So consequently processing blatantly sick animals places human lives in jeopardy.

Video: viewer discretion advised. Street side dog meat market:


Adding to the terror which each dog is forced to deal with, they have to watch their cages mated brutally slaughtered in front of them. They hear their last cries for mercy and smell the stench of death, as their cage mate expires.

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