India: Nagaland Dog Meat Dog Tied To The Roof Of A Vehicle, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

India: Nagaland Dog Meat Dog Tied To The Roof Of A Vehicle

The back of the vehicle has stickers which read: “Save Me Lord”, preaching their Christianity message. Cast your eyes to the top of the vehicle and the frightened eyes of a live dog meat dog with his mouth bound tightly shut, plead for help. The dog is tied to the metal carry-racks on the roof of the vehicle in the blazing sun. This is an Indian dog meat dog in Dimapur, the largest city in Nagaland, India.

Dog meat is illegal in India, but Nagaland’s dog meat market Budh Bazaar is open to the public every Wednesday. Dogs are bound and hog tied, with their mouth bound tightly shut, then crammed into hessian sacks and thrown on the ground until bought for slaughter. All dog meat sellers and dog butchers are women at Dimapur’s  Budh Bazaar.

Around 30,000 dogs are slaughtered each year in Nagaland the surrounding states, for dog meat., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

With his mouth bound tightly shut, this live dog meat dog is tied to the roof of the vehicle, in the hot sun.

The dog tied to the vehicle was photographed by Surabhi Jaiswar at a highway street cafe between Kohima to Dimapur, in Nagaland, north eastern India.

Surabhi told the Daily Mail she was drinking tea at the cafe when she saw something moving on top of the parked yellow vehicle. She realized it was a dog and wanted to help it. “The dog had rope wrapped around his mouth and body and tied to the roof of the van like a piece of baggage along side suitcases and a mattress,” said Surabhi.

Surabhi continued: “I saw a woman inside the car and I asked what was she doing with the dog. She told me it was her pet. I said: “You don’t treat a pet like that”. ‘I suspected they were taking it for meat so I asked her directly “you’re going to eat it aren’t you?” and she said yes.”

Surabhi tried her best to buy the dog from the man and woman but they ignored her. She even called for help from the people watching from the cafe, but no one responded. She had to stand and watch the vehicle drive away with the desperate dog struggling on the roof top. The cafe owner said this happens all the time because its an area where people eat dog meat (end of Daily Mail report.), pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Look carefully at the top of the vehicle, and see the live dog meat dog.

Photographer Surabhi went to the Budh Bazaar in Dimapur, and photographed more dog meat dogs for sale. She said it was very difficult and that she can only hope the images will help animal activists take action.

India has many animal lovers who are appalled at the idea of eating dog meat. India has a serious rabies problem and massive numbers of stray dogs, which are reduced by the dogs being poisoned after the tourist seasons end. Mass poisoning of the dogs and other eradication programs cause great distress to India’s animal lovers.
There is an ongoing problem of stray dogs being trafficked into Nagaland and surrounding States, to be slaughtered for dog meat. Those caught trafficking dogs are prosecuted for their illegal practices. However, Nagaland, Assam and other surrounding States are allowed to operate dog meat markets where dogs are slaughtered for dog meat for human consumption.

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