China: More Racing Greyhounds For Dog Meat, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

China: More Racing Greyhounds For Dog Meat

In Dingzhou, Hebei a local Chinese animal lover posted the following report and photos on Chinese social media. On their way to work they passed a location selling dogs for dog meat. They saw Greyhounds, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds,Bulldogs, Labradors, Samoyeds, Alaskan Malamutes and many more breeds. They said there were “approximately 40 large dogs and many small ones, all for sale.”, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Loaded dog meat dogs.

They said dog dealers are selling for 400 yuan (US$61.00) and the dogs not sold will be sent for dog meat to any location which wants dog meat dogs.

They said one particular Greyhound had been hit by a car and injured (main photo at the top of the page.) The greyhound’s owner sold it for only 200 yuan (US$30.00) to get rid of it. They said normally the greyhound would have been valued at 16000 yuan (US$1,200.00.)

The dog dealer selling the dogs told the animal lover that “the [dog] meat is delicious.” The Chinese animal lover posted their own contact information for local animal lovers to help the dogs be saved (end of report.)

昨天去河北定州办事,路过一个村庄,看到有一个收狗卖狗的人家,里面有好多狗,金毛、拉布拉多、萨摩耶、阿拉斯加、马犬、德牧、斗牛犬,也有土狗,狗贩子说有人要就卖,没人要就交狗肉馆了,装上大车发往全国各地,狗贩子要400元/只,大概有40只中大型犬,还有好多只小土狗,咱们要赶在收狗的大车来之前救下这些狗狗,这是在和生命赛跑啊!!!另外有一只大格力犬被车撞了,狗主人200元卖给了收狗的,大概16000元!求求大家共同努力,把狗娃们救下来吧,要是不救就只有等死成为狗肉,狗狗好几天没吃饭了,就等着交狗肉了……狗贩子说饿瘦了,肉好吃,希望给狗子们一个生存的机会🙏如果救下来,暂且先放在我家里,再慢慢找领养或找合适的小院,发现人., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Loaded dog meat dogs.

The greyhounds posted here are most likely progeny of export racing dogs from Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom or America. I hope to be able to bring you more updates on these dogs, in the hope that at least some can be saved. As long as China has no animal protection laws these dog and cat markets are not breaking any laws and are allowed to operate in selling dogs and cats for meat, for human consumption.

Fight Dog Meat is working to help local animal lovers living in dog and cat eating countries have a louder voice, to help them raise worldwide awareness in an effort to bring in animal protection laws and an end to the brutal pet meat trade.

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  1. Barb Rosa - October 15, 2017 at 7:56 am

    against ‘all’ abuse & cruelty, show respect, needs to ‘stop’

  2. Barb Rosa - October 15, 2017 at 7:56 am

    need to leave ‘all’ our pets alone


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