Indonesia: Dog Meat Popular in Jakarta, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Indonesia: Dog Meat Popular In Jakarta

The number of dog meat restaurants across Indonesia has grown in the last few years. Over 140,000+ dogs are killed each year in Jakarta alone. This is over 400+ dogs every day. Animal Defenders Indonesia are based in Jakarta and ADI’s founder Doni Herdaru Tona added: “A lot of dogs are stolen on the streets to be killed. Some traders stun the dog first so they can roast the dog alive, under the false belief the meat will taste better.”

In Bali its estimated that around 70,000 dogs are slaughtered each year for dog meat, according to local rescue group BAWA. Dog Meat is shown on menus as RW or B1. The letters RW translate to the word ‘fluff,’ from the word manado Rintek Wuuk. B1 is code for ‘master,’ meaning dog. 


Indonesia is a predominately Muslim country where dogs are considered unclean and Muslim’s have a duty to assist cats in need. Consequently the main consumers of dog and cat meat in Indonesia are Christians, including ex-pat Christians. Dog meat is often provided as an enticement for parishioners to attend bible studies and church assemblies.

According to dog meat cook Michael Kenzo, a serving of about Rp. 75,000 which is cheaper than beef. He says dog meat should be boiled for several hours and cooked with spices. Kenzo cooks dog meat for a living, but doesn’t eat it because he “loves dogs.”


Dog eaters view eating dog meat as a health food. One dog meat eater swears “eating dog meat keeps the blood warm.” Others say it prevents asthma and various forms of allergies. Dog meat is often consumed with alcohol under the false belief that dog meat will boost a man’s libido.

Small Child Dies After Eating Dog Meat

A small child named Esau Nurak died a horrid death at home last week, after eating dog meat bought by his father. In Kupang the little boy suffered food poisoning on Tuesday and was taken to Oesao Community Health Center for treatment. Staff said Esau was healthy and sent him home. Two days later he was dead, after excessive vomiting and diarrhea.

The little boy’s father Martinus Nurak, 45 years old, also suffered severe food poisoning from eating the dog meat which he bought uncooked from his neighbor for Rp 50,000 earlier on the same Tuesday (17/10/2017.), pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Esau being carried into hospital suffering severe food poisoning after eating dog meat.

Martinus bought a dog’s uncooked head and a rib from his neighbor for Rp 50,000. His wife boiled the meat and added her own spices. Six members of the family ate the boiled dog meat and they all immediately suffered food poisoning, with aggressive vomiting and diarrhea.

All surviving members of the family, including a five year old child, are receiving intensive medical treatment. A spokes doctor for the Hospital Naibonat said ‘They (family members) were suspected of having symptoms from food poisoning, so we gave medical treatment to the victims of poisoning.” Local Kupang Police collected drinking water and food scraps for testing, said the local reporter for the Kompas newspaper which covered the story (end of report.)

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