China: Dog Meat Cruelty From Individuals, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

China: Dog Meat Cruelty From Individuals

With his front legs wrenched behind his back and tied across his spine, this poor dog lays in agony. His mouth is bound tightly shut and his hind legs bound together. He is at the mercy of three men who see him as no more than an object to carve up. This dog is a ‘someone’ – he was not just a something., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Trussed and bound.

The men use a blunt knife to slowly slice open the skin on the dog’s throat. Just that alone would be agony for the dog! It took minutes for this poor dog to die, as the man with the knife continued to hack at the dog’s throat with the blunt knife and rip at the stab marks with his bare fingers. Absolutely disgusting!, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Small child watches the brutal slaughter of the poor dog.

A young child is watching through the railing. The men see him and yell something, then laugh. In complete disregard the men only care about getting their plate of dog meat. They think it will boost their libido. Obviously they suffer with “little pinkie syndrome!”, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

It took minutes for this poor dog to die. There are no animal protection laws in China.

Video: warning! Graphic footage. Viewer discretion advised.


On a daily basis Fight Dog Meat directly communicates with Chinese animal rescuers who LIVE in China. They ask for these acts of animal cruelty to be shown to the world, to expose the plight of animals in their country.  We are helping give a louder voice to Chinese animal rescuers and animal lovers, to help them bring in animal protection laws in their country.

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