India: Rescued – After Puppy Was Skinned Alive, pet centric, Fight Dog MeatIndia: Rescued – After Puppy Was Skinned Alive

This puppy has been rescued and is in hospital receiving constant pain medication. He was rescued by a local Indian animal rescuer, Ashish, who said “Its the worst case I have ever rescued. All his skin is ripped off from his neck to his tail and he’s in immense pain. Even with painkillers, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, in the hospital, the puppy continues to cry in unbearable and unimaginable pain.”

This atrocity took place in the city of Dhrangadra, in the State of Gujarat, India. Looking at a map of India, Gujarat is not to far from Mumbai.

UPDATE 09/11/2017: after battling a valiant fight or 24 hours, little Sam has passed away. He has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He became known as Brave Sam and won hearts around the world. When he died his rescuer and vets wept bitterly. RIP little man; you are now free. No more pain, no more illness and no evil humans to hurt you. You were loved., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Skinned puppy in the veterinary hospital.

We do not know why this puppy was skinned alive in Dhrangadra, but we do know that in years gone by people have been arrested from time to time skinning dogs for dog meat for human consumption in different parts of India, including Mumbai. India does have a dog meat trade in Nagaland, Assam and surrounding areas, but ‘not’ a recognized trade across India in general.

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Thank you to the puppy’s rescuer Ashish. We can’t imagine how distressing this must continue to be for Ashish, as he watches the puppy struggle to survive. Fight Dog Meat will follow the puppy’s progress and we hope to bring you positive updates.

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2 thoughts on “India: Rescued – After Puppy Was Skinned Alive

  1. Connie Nickum - November 8, 2017 at 3:46 am

    Shame on these countries. They are a disgrace to humanity. May they all burn in hell!

  2. Amy Bong - November 8, 2017 at 6:41 am

    The bastard will die a terrible death for harming an innocent puppy.


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