China: Dog Burned Alive For Dog Meat, pet centric, Fight Dog MeatChina: Dog Burned Alive For Dog Meat

A Chinese lady who lives in the same apartment complex as the man in the video communicated directly with me within an hour of this heinous act. She’s horrified to know that one of her neighbors was burning a dog alive for dog meat. She was at her child’s school when a worker at her apartment block phoned to alert her, knowing she owns pet dogs and feeds stray dogs and cats.

The lady had to stay to collect her child from school, but immediately phoned police and begged them to arrest the man. She also sent a distressed call for help from any other animal lovers in her area to go to the scene. Qingpu police said they’d follow up the case. Qingpu is located in Shanghai.

Knowing exactly which apartment the man lives in, the lady and her friend bravely knocked on his front door. When the man’s co-tenant opened the door, the lady’s friend said the dog belonged to her and asked had they seen it? Unfortunately the man who burnt the dog was not inside the apartment and his flat-mates weren’t interested [see the bottom video.]

Not long after the lady went back to her own apartment, police arrived to interview her! They demanded she delete all her videos and pictures of the man and the dog from her phone.

NOTE: because she contacted police, its now HER under the glare of police, not the man who burnt the dog. The lady is justifiably nervous of police coming back to her.

Video: warning. Viewer discretion advised.


Because police are involved in the case, the Chinese lady asked me not to publish the physical address of the apartment complex, with the man’s exact name and address. There’s also other certain details which I’m restricted on mentioning, out of respect to her wishes and compliance with police.

When police demanded all evidence of the dog be deleted, the lady was terribly upset that no one would know what happened. However, she originally communicated with me ‘before’ the police interviewed her, meaning she had already shared the videos, name and address with me. She was extremely grateful to know I would tell the world what had happened to the poor dog.

Video: non-graphic. Speaking with the co-tenants of the man who burnt the dog.



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