Vietnam: Critically Injured Dog Escapes Dog Butcher, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Vietnam: Critically Injured Dog Escapes Dog Butcher

A dog butcher bound this dog’s mouth with wire, getting it ready for slaughter. With his mouth tied shut, the dog was unable to bite or defend himself but somehow he broke away and ran to freedom.

The dog was on the run for days. He’d been seen at least three days earlier, but disappeared and not seen again. Late one night he appeared in the yard of a Vietnamese animal lover who immediately phoned a rescue team in Saigon. At five am the next morning Vietnamese animal rescuers gathered to capture the dog and bring him to safety. But he was nowhere to be found. After hours of searching rescuers finally found the distressed, critically injured and terrified dog., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

The morning he was rescued.

Before being captured and sold to a dog butcher, I wonder if this dog had been a stolen pet because despite his ordeal, he was willing to give humans another chance. Rescuers said they got close to him using cheese sausage, knowing he was starving hungry. They took their time, gently talking to him and putting down pieces of sausage. Eventually he crawled out of his hiding spot and into their arms!

He panicked at the last minute when he felt their arms around him, but they were able to contain him and hold onto to him. Rescuers scooped the dog up and nursed him on the back of one of their motorbikes, as they drove him to a veterinary hospital., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

With the wire digging into his flesh, the wound had already become infected.

Arriving at the vet clinic at 11.30am, the dog went under anesthetic and straight into surgery. The vet surgeon believes the dog’s serious neck and ear injuries are from being hit by a car, as it’s run in a panic with its mouth wired shut. The vet said the dog dodged death twice!

The vet set up IV fluids and cut the wire binding off the dog’s snout, revealing the extent of the damage to the the dog’s mouth and face. The dog’s body wounds were then cleaned and stitched and his face cleaned, gauzed and bandaged. He’s received a lot of pain medication, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and is responding well. He still has a long way to go in his healing and a number of things could still go wrong, but we’re optimistic he’ll make a good recovery.

Video: non-graphic. See the newly rescued dog riding on the motorbike with team members of SAR, heading to the veterinary hospital.



A big thank you to the animal rescue team at SAR in Saigon for rescuing this dog. They do a lot of good work rescuing animals in Saigon, Vietnam.

UPDATE: five days after being rescued: the dog is making good progress in hospital. The vet said although the dog is making progress, he dog remains at high risk for at least another three weeks. The white pieces in the photos are his exposed nasal bones where all the flesh rotted away from his mouth being bound tightly shut for so long., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Five days after being rescued: the dog is still doing fine and making progress.

Do you remember the dog New Year? On new year’s day 2016 she was rescued with her mouth bound shut, and close to death from massive infection and starvation. SAR are the team who rescued and nursed New Year.

Update: Vietnam: ‘Newyear’ – Dog Meat Dog’s Main Story, 2


Fight Dog Meat will continue to help Vietnamese animal lovers have a louder voice, to help them bring in animal protection laws in their own country.

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