Vietnam: Hoi An Vet Clinic Welcomed In Central Vietnam, pet centric, Fight Dog MeatVietnam: Hoi An Vet Clinic Welcomed In Central Vietnam

This puppy had been previously housed at a different vet clinic and kept inside a small rusted wire cage with pieces of wire protruding into his chest. For a full week the previous vet was unable to stop the puppy’s diarrhea and vomiting. The puppy’s owner removed the puppy from the previous vet and brought it to Dr. Trinh, to save its life.

On the first diagnosis Dr. Trinh found a large and painful abscess on the puppy’s chest, caused by continuous stabbing from the rusted wire protruding into the puppy’s chest at the previous vet clinic. After five days of Dr. Trinh treating the puppy, his diarrhea and vomiting was cleared and his chest was healed. He was back to his happy playful self., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Dr. Trinh and her own loved pet dog.

Dr. Trinh is a 25 year old Vietnamese woman who speaks fluent English and Vietnamese. This is definitely quite impressive, as you need incredible passion to learn a language, especially if you want to learn in fluently. Her Hoi An Vet Clinic is welcomed because she’s already spent two years working with international vet surgeons. She has an international veterinary surgeon joining her at her clinic early in the new year, for a length of time. She also plans to travel to Australia for a short time, for extra training in veterinary diagnosis treatment procedure, which she cannot get in Vietnam.

Dr. Trinh invites international vets and vet nurses to join her at her clinic. To contact Dr. Trinh please message her directly on her Facebook vet page: Hoi An Vet Clinic – Phòng Khám Thú Y H?i An.

Fight Dog Meat is working to help Dr. Trinh expand her surgical knowledge and skills so she will be able to pass on this knowledge to other local Vietnamese vets who do not have opportunities to work alongside international vets. In turn this will benefit animals in Vietnam. Dr. Trinh is actively working to help end Vietnam’s dog and cat meat trade., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat

Dr. Trinh’s new veterinary clinic.

Working alongside international vets is very important for all Vietnamese trained vets. Vet schools in Vietnam do not teach dog and cat medicine; they teach livestock. Many local vets do not use any anesthetic or pain relief during surgery or after surgery on dogs and cats! They are not taught humane practice. Many Vietnamese vets have never worked on a live animal until after they graduate. It is the animals which suffer in these situations.

Dr. Trinh uses anesthetic and full pain relief on her patients. Her instruments are sterilized and there is no cross contamination.

Please ‘Like’ Dr. Trinh’s new Facebook vet page: Hoi An Vet Clinic – Phòng Khám Thú Y H?i An. Her page is written in English and Vietnamese and she’s actively fighting to help end Vietnam’s dog and cat meat trade.

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To help Vietnamese animals, please help this Vietnamese vet get the extra training she cannot receive in Vietnam. A small $2 will help her achieve this goal. With extra training she can teach fellow Vietnamese vets better ways to treat dogs and cats, which is not taught in Vietnamese vet schools:

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