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America: Hawaii’s Dog Meat Trade Continues

Documented evidence of Hawaii’s dog meat trade going back to 2004 shows stolen pets stabbed in the throat or bludgeoned across the head, then strung up and set on fire while still alive. “Yeah, the dogs react to the flames” says one dog butcher, speaking to Hawaiian radio presenter Carroll Cox about setting fire to live dogs. He continued: “…and Christmas is our busiest time, 50 dogs a day.”

There were no gun shot wounds on any of the documented dogs. Hawaiian dog slaughterhouses are close to residential areas which therefore prohibit the use of firearms to kill the dogs for slaughter. Despite overwhelming photographic and video evidence from Cox, the Hawaiian Humane Society justified Hawaii’s dog meat industry saying: “As long as the dog is shot in the head it’s not inhumane.”

Carroll Cox describes how he saw dogs slaughtered:

Small Breed Dogs and Puppies: butcher places his hand over the dogs face, jamming it’s mouth shut and covering it’s nasal passages until it blacks out. With the dog still alive and only momentarily unconscious, the man uses a knife to cut a hole in the dogs throat to drain a bottle of it’s blood to sell to customers for cooking. With the small dog still alive, he hangs it up and sets fire to it. There is ‘no’ gunshot.

Medium to Large Dogs: a bag is tied over the dog’s head and it’s beaten with a club. Obviously it usually takes a few blows to knock the dog out because the killer can’t see exactly where the top of the dog’s head is, with the bag over it. Momentarily stunned the dog has a hole cut in it’s throat and a bottle of blood is collected as it regains consciousness. With broken bones from being clubbed and a hole in it’s throat, the conscious dog is then hung and set on fire! There is ‘no’ gunshot.

Cox supplied photographs and video footage to the Hawaiian Society and the City Council, showing the stolen pets, the brutal methods of slaughter and customers coming and going with dog meat purchases. His findings caused ripples but were quickly covered over and pushed to the side.

Video: not graphic. Carroll Cox tricking a dog butcher into letting him buy the live dog, on the promise he would slaughter it at his own home. Cox had no intention of killing the dog. He named her Koko and she became his loved pet. This video was part of evidence proof exposing Hawaii’s dog meat trade.


(Then) State Rep. Glenn Wakai introduced a bill, HR866, that addresses the issue of eating dog meat. The bill makes it illegal to kill, distribute, or sell dogs or cats for human consumption if they’re stolen or strays. It does ‘not’ prevent someone from breeding and farming their own dogs and cats for slaughter for human consumption. The preamble of the bill states: “A person may consume dog meat in Hawaii if it is from the person’s own dog and it has been killed in a humane fashion.” [Bill S.B. No. 197]

Nine years later Cox began another investigation of Hawaii’s dog meat trade. With videos, photos and an interview with a local dog butcher, Cox approached his government for a Bill to be passed. He was fobbed off and instructed to request approval from the Hawaiian Humane Society before the government would consider looking at his request for a Bill.

As Cox asks: ” Since when does a citizen in the United States have to get approval from a non-profit organization ‘before’ they will be considered worthy of being listened to?”

The government official told Cox: ‘We’re concerned if we file or pass a Bill we’ll be sued for racism against the Filipino corcas.’ Filipino animal lovers across Hawaii were outraged and called the official’s response “disgusting.” Cox did not get approval from the Hawaiian Humane Society so his request for a Bill was rejected.

Petition: HR 1406 To Stop Hawaii’s Dog Meat Trade.
Please sign.

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    This is in the USA!! Hawaii!! Why and how is this happening here? The cruelty is outrageous! Shame on the USA for allowing this to happen here. If we allow it? We are no better than other countries. I am embarrassed and pissed this happens here.


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