India: Dog Meat Cruelty In Mizoram And Nagaland, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeatIndia: Dog Meat Cruelty In Mizoram And Nagaland

Dogs’ mouths are either stitched shut or bound tightly shut and their body trussed and hogtied into hessian sacks to keep them quiet while smuggling them across Indian States into Nagaland, to be sold for meat at Nagaland’s Wednesday Bazzar animal market. Dog meat is illegal in India and if traffickers were caught they would be arrested by police. The same laws are flaunted in Mizoram and Nagaland where dog meat is a delicacy.

The video was filmed undercover in Mizoram of wailing dog meat dogs being double stacked into a truck for transportation to dog butchers. Distressed dogs are illegally transported hundreds of miles across dirt and uneven roads, exposed to the weather and stacked on top of each other, hogtied and silenced.

Video: not graphic.



Arriving at the dog meat market in Nagaland, dogs are unloaded into a dark pit but not released from the hessian sacks and their mouth is kept bound or sewn shut. Dogs are thrown on to of each other in the pit, leaving many to die of suffocation or injury. The dogs receive no water or food to lessen the bodily waste at slaughter.

Dog butchers and dog vendors at Nagaland’s market are all women! Because women lack physical strength dogs are hit several times in the head before even losing consciousness. Most dogs are not actually dead when tossed into vats of boiling water. Slaughter takes place in front of surviving dogs, which adds to their terror, knowing their turn is coming., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Map of northeaster India showing Mizoram and Nagaland.

Thank you to Purr Paws for their video and work in Guwahati, India, helping local animals in critical need. Fight Dog Meat has been writing about India for years and will continue to expose animal cruelty within dog and cat meat countries. We have positive plans in place for 2018 and hope you will join us to call for animal protection laws and and an end to the dog and cat meat trade worldwide.

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