Philippines: 77 Cooked Dog Meat Dogs Seized By Police, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Philippines: 77 Cooked Dog Meat Dogs Seized By Police

Dog meat is illegal in the Philippines. Two men were caught red handed with 77 cooked dog carcasses, ready to be sold as dog meat in illegal dog meat restaurants in Baguio City. An underground dog meat trade has been operating for years in Baguio but until Animal Kingdom Foundation’s tip off, police lacked sufficient evidence to act.

Emerson Balingaloan, 36 years old and and Glen Bajacang, 30 years old were arrested in Batangas and admitted they were illegally transporting the 770 kilograms of  dog carcasses to restaurants in their home city Baguio.

Thank you to Animal Kingdom Foundation for staying the distance and monitoring the illegal trafficking and slaughter of so many dogs in makeshift slaughterhouses. Part of the difficulty was catching the butchers in the act. Because its illegal they continuously moved around with no permanent slaughterhouse facility.

Both arrested men claimed innocence saying they only had to deliver dog carcasses to be paid. According to the report, after the men laoded the 77 dog carcasses onto their vehicle, they handed over 20,000 pesos. It’s believed the going rate for dog meat in Baguio is 150 pesos per kilo which means the men stood to make about 80,000 pesos profit., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Older photo from the Filipino dog meat trade.

“Dr Rolando Marquez of the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) said because dogs and cats are considered “companion animals” their flesh offered for human consumption is classed as “hot meat”, and so illegal.”

“Police Superintendent Renfredo Dacalos said charges were being prepared against the two men for selling hot meat and for being in violation of RA 8485; the Animal Welfare Act of 1998,” (end of PLN report.)

Not too many years ago the Philippines had one of the most brutal of all the dog meat trades worldwide. Over 80% of all dogs being transported to dog slaughterhouses would die before reaching the destination. It didn’t matter to dog butchers because they still processed the dead dogs anyway. The only dogs not processed had already begun decomposition.

People were jubilant when animal protection laws were implemented but they proved to be a paper tiger. The same laws were strengthened a couple of years ago and began to be enforced. The underground dog meat trade operating out of Baguio is not new but through Animal Kingdom Foundation’s undercover work they were able to give police solid evidence which was acted upon by officials. Great job by all who played a part toward this arrest.

Video: not graphic.


Video credit: GMA News.

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