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Liberia: Stop All Forms Of Violence To Animals

Youth in Liberia took to the streets and chanted for the end of all forms of violence against animals. School children are receiving education about responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of livestock animals through the efforts of Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society (LAWCS.)

In 2017 LAWCS educational days impacted over 5,000 pets and livestock animals. Throughout the year they responded to over 60 animal cruelty cases.

Life is very difficult for all animals in Liberia, especially dogs. It is a dog and cat meat country where dogs are treated badly and often kept in horrendous conditions. Most dog owners do not feed their own dogs, forcing them to roam around scavenging for food to avoid starvation. This became a major issue during the Ebola crisis when dogs kept digging up and eating human Ebola corpses!, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Fantastic turnout on the day!

Dogs then contracted Ebola and if they were killed for dog meat the disease was transmitted to more humans, causing even more loss of human life. Remarkably dogs were able to recover from Ebola after two weeks. Cats did not contract Ebola at all.

Liberia is  a poor post war country in western Africa and is still recovering after the horrific Ebola crisis which killed well over 4,000 people in the small nation. Although Liberia has a high literacy rate it also has high unemployment which induces many other problems across the communities. There is also a distinct lack of electricity in Liberia., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

One of LAWCS educational days.

Over the course of the year more than 20,000 people took part in LAWCS humane education programs. There are no animal protection laws in Liberia and as a post war country many animals are still dealt with in harsh and cruel ways. LAWCS believes humane education is the most effective way to help shape people toward accepting responsibility for a kinder world for animals.

Most animals in Liberia, including dogs and cats do not receive veterinary treatment when they’re injured or become ill. This is also a serious situation because Liberia has a high incidence of rabies deaths. LAWCS works to improve human-animal relationships by running anti-dog meat campaigns, providing free veterinary care and responsible dog ownership programs.

Fight Dog Meat made the following video for LAWCS in late 2016, to help raise awareness to the plight of animals in Liberia, Africa.



LAWCS provide a community outreach feeding program to teach healthy alternatives to eating dog meat and any other type of meat. They teach people how to enjoy a plant based diet, teaching them how to grow vegetables and other food plants, and cook them into healthy tasty meals. LAWCS won a global Award for Rabies Prevention in 2016 in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“We believe that cruelty to animals is often caused unintentionally, but animals suffer as a result of lack of knowledge and information. That is why we put so much emphasis on education and information about animals along with practical care and assistance for animals. To love animals also means to know them well,” says LAWCS founder Morris Darbo.

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