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Vietnam: Dog’s Face Hacked With Machete

A dog has been hacked in the head with a machete, slicing his face down the middle from his eye, down his snout and right through his nose. The dog wandered the streets for around five days, as infection set into the critical injury. We cannot begin to imagine the blinding pain this dog has been forced to endure as he staggered through each day and night, with no pain relief and no help.

The rescuer said the dog ate two plates of rice, but with great difficulty because it’s jaws are sliced in half down the middle and infection has set into the entire wound area. The dog survived by some sipping water each day, but was very weak and malnourished.


The dog, now known as Brown, was in critical distress when rescued by a Vietnamese husband and wife team Hoang Nhon and his wife Truc Linh Vo. The attack took place in Xuyen Moc – Ba Ria Vung Tau, a rural province out of Saigon.

The husband drove 50 kms to Vung Tau to take the dog to the nearest vet clinic for the wound to be disinfected. Due to the gravity of the injury the man then drove the dog another 100kms to bring Brown the dog, to a veterinary hospital in Saigon.

 Vietnam has no animal protection laws and the man who did this heinous act of cruelty would not be punished by law. At this point the person who did this act is not known. Fight Dog Meat will continue to fight for animal protection laws in every dog and cat meat country.

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4 thoughts on “Vietnam: Dog’s Face Hacked With Machete

  1. Margaret Robinson - January 19, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    I would like to know the outcome for this poor dog. Please let us know if the vet was able to repair the dreadful wound.

    • Eman - January 21, 2018 at 7:59 pm

      Poor dog, please update us on the condition

  2. rr - January 19, 2018 at 9:54 pm

    We need to stop this animal abuse and find out who did this ,the person must pay!

  3. Casey Crowell - December 24, 2018 at 5:23 pm

    I feel so let down. So let down on a daily basis b/c I cannot do more for these beautiful creatures. I see the rich getting richer while children starve in Yemin and animals are kidnapped from the ocean to live horrible lives in concrete pools all while living with a memory of unadulterated freedoms the ocean gave them. Baby primates torn from their mothers chest. Animals hacked in the face with machetes, burned alive, animals that give up b/c their spirit is broken by us- The evildoers. I feel overwhelmed by my species’s lack of love and our loss of values and beliefs. I would change everything If I could. I do not belong here in a world where people inflict harm for greed, tradition, vanity, and war . All I can do is thank people like Fight Dog Meat for doing what they do. What really needs to happen is a change of the heart of man. But until then, God has given certain people like those who run Fight Dog Meat , the drive and need to do their part. I hope I can continue to help them and all the animal rescue organizations that do as much as humanly possible to change what we can because one thing I do know, is that is has made a difference no matter how much it continues to go on. Thank you for getting pictures like these out there. They are so hard, but people can’t go on without knowledge that this horror exists on a daily basis to so many animals. So so many suffering just like this poor sweet baby. Thank you. It has made a huge difference as so many of us would never know this happens. May we never stop dreaming of a day no one and nothing suffers by the hands of another or by the action of another. God be with them and us all. And may God instill love in the hearts of the cold and instill strength and courage in the hearts of the suffering and help remove them from the physical, emotional pain and fear that man brings to their lives. God bless all who care for one another.. Man, beast, and Spirit.


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