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China: Changchun Dog Slaughterhouses

Changchun city in Jilin Province is the center for China’s largest dog slaughterhouses. The three main dog slaughterhouses in Changchun slaughter approximately 7,000 dogs a day, year round. Changchun is also home to China’s Olympic ice skating duo Liu Xinyu and Wang Shiyue, currently competing in South Korea’s Winter Olympics, 2018.

Each day around 15 loaded dog trucks arrive at the one of the big three Changchun slaughterhouses, with around 400 to 500 dogs on board. Dogs have usually been traveling for hundreds of miles, crammed on top of each other and exposed to weather elements with no shelter, food or water., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Slaughterhouse workers unloading a dog truck at a Changchun

Dogs are exhausted, dehydrated, diseased and wounded. Every dog is terrified and many scream in fear. Some become paralyzed with fear. These slaughterhouses are commercial slaughterhouses so dog butchers move fast and without mercy. Its a business where time is money and the butchers’ only interest is meeting their quotas.

Dogs are slaughtered for processing with diseases, illnesses, cancers, heavily pregnant, wearing house collars, and so on. Most of the dogs are not vaccinated and rabies is a constant threat to anyone handling the dogs.

Video: greyhound dog with a broken spine, inside a Changchun slaughterhouse grounds. This dog was rescued but sadly his body couldn’t take what he’d been put though and he passed away.

A percentage of dogs on the trucks are stolen pets but also, some are once loved pets sold into the meat trade by their owners who no longer want them. This can happen when a dog loses its cuteness, becomes ill, barks too much, or becomes aged. Once loved pets which are not sold directly into the meat trade are often abandoned onto the streets to fend for themselves and become fodder for dog snatchers.

The dog meat trade is mostly run by criminal elements where large amounts of cash money is circulated on a daily basis. No matter how many dogs are bought from slaughterhouses there will always be more dogs than money can buy. Many ‘rescued’ dogs are left traumatized, diseased and hungry. Buying them is easy – but they have to be housed, fed and receive medical attention for up to 20 years.

Disease is rampant among dog meat dogs at the moment of rescue, but its what follows that’s important. Rescue only becomes ‘rescue’ when the dog is taken from pain and illness to a better environment, with qualified veterinary help (not self-administered pretending medical care), quality food, clean living conditions with shelter and room to run around, and kindness from humans. If a dog can go on to be adopted into a safe and loving home that’s even better.

Video: inside a Changchun slaughterhouse holding pens:

Changchun is the capital city of Jilin Province (the State), which has an estimated 50+ dog slaughterhouses. The three large main dog slaughterhouses in Changchun are:
(1) Heilong Town, Xiao XiGou Village Wag Liying Slaughterhouse
(2) Green Park District Dayingzi Village Wang Ting slaughterhouse
(3) Changchun City Yongchun town Slaughterhouse 81 (also known as Yongchun slaughterhouse) has been operating for 19 YEARS, slaughters around 3,000 dogs a day and owned by Dong Wanquan, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Changchun Slaughterhouse 81 owner: Dong Wanguan.

Live dogs are sold by weight:
1Lb = Chinese money Rmb10.3.
Example: a 70Lb dog = Rmb 721, which is: US$104.34.
Lets use an average dog weight of 45 Lb.
The average dog truck carries around 400 – 500 dogs, so lets use 450 as our marker.
450 dogs x 45lb each = 20,250 lb.
20,250 lb x Rmb 10.3 per lb = Rmb 208,575
Rmb 208,575 = $30,184.52 US dollar.

Each year the world focuses on China’s Yulin dog meat festival held in June, while Changchun dog butchers laugh themselves silly as they continue slaughtering millions of dogs unnoticed.

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    This is completely discusting!! I say boycott any country that treats companion animals so terribly!!

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    This has to stop. There are other ways of making money without killing these poor dogs inhumanely. Put yourself in their shoes you are so damned barbaric.PLEASE STOP


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