China: The First Time He Ate Dog Meat, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeatChina: The First Time He Ate Dog Meat

Last December at a dinner party with new acquaintances Bang was asked if he ate dog meat. He said out of all his stories that night the one which caused the most outcry was when he recounted the first time he ate dog meat.

Bang’s parents were born in China during a time of great famine from 1059 to 1961. His mother always told him tens of millions of people died of starvation in the time and his grandfather used to cook bark from trees to feed the children. Even dog meat was considered extravagant back then.

China advanced to better economic conditions and by1980 New Year dinners were a time of conflicting view points. Approximately 20 years ago at a family dinner Bang’s mother served him meat, with a different flavor. It was dog meat.

Ban was horrified at eating dog meat because he was the proud owner of his loved pet dog named DuoDuo. As he cried his parents could not understand his reaction. They told him: “Whats the matter Bang? You eat chicken in Year of the Rooster, beef in Year of the Ox, so whats the problem now?”, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Bang and his mother playing with pet dog DuoDuo. [Photo: ABC News.]

Bang told ABC News that as a child he found the cultural situation with dog meat a misunderstanding he could not solve. He said although he and his mother both have connections with dogs, their disagreement over dog eating remained. Bang was the first of his family to travel overseas which widened the gap in different views between himself and his parents.

Bang goes on to talk about Australians eating kangaroo meat. NOTE from Fight Dog Meat: I do not know a single Australian who eats kangaroo meat, nor do any of my Australian friends. The only people my friends and I know who eat or have tried eating kangaroo are immigrant Australians or tourists.

Bang uses an example that his Chinese father would never eat kangaroo meat in Australia. It is well documented that massive numbers of Chinese tourists do eat kangaroo meat while touring Australia [much to my disgust.] For the record, I am a kangaroo rescuer.

Bang is a upstanding good citizen of Australia and has remained a dog lover and ‘not’ a dog eater. Bang says he has carved out a new identity for himself as a Chinese-Australian who celebrated Chinese New Year with his friends in Australia and memories of his mother and his loved dog DuoDuo [end of ABC report.]

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