Vietnam: Mimi’s Shelter For Dogs And Cats In Saigon, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Vietnam: Mimi’s Shelter For Dogs And Cats In Saigon

This young lady, Mimi, is a well respected animal rescuer in Saigon who runs her own animal shelter, which includes rescued dog meat dogs. She has 86 dogs including three paralyzed dogs, and 31 cats, including two paralyzed cats, an Iguana and some chickens. Every day Mimi works averages 15 hours a day cleaning and taking care of her animals., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Vietnamese animal rescuer Mimi.

Mimi is 27 years old and has been quietly rescuing and nursing animals in Saigon for years. She takes on the most difficult cases and which often tear her heart but she knows these dogs and cats have no one else. She is a wonderful example to Vietnam’s animal lovers, with her dedication and hard work.

Mimi’s shelter is where Thanh takes her rescue animals to, knowing they’ll be well cared for. Thanh often visits Mimi’s shelter to help out and spend time with Mimi’s animals.

The dog in the following video is one of Mimi’s rescues who now lives at her shelter. Fight Dog Meat is looking into wheelchairs for the paralyzed animals.


Rescued Dog Meat Dog

The following video is of a rescued dog meat dog in Saigon who was kept tied up on a short chain all his life, by himself. He owner had every intention of eating him until he developed a serious skin disease. Consequently his owner no longer wanted to eat him and wanted to get rid of him. Thanh rescued this dear dog and took him straight a vet clinic.

The next day Mimi went to the clinic to collect the dog, now known as Brown, and take him home to her clinic. She shocked at his severe diagnosis of liver failure and kidney failure, as well as severe skin disease. The poor dog must have been in so much pain for such a long time. Mimi took the dog home and began intensive nursing of him. A week later Brown had made remarkable progress.

FDM is helping animals and rescue teams in a number of dog and cat meat countries. Mimi is one of the rescuers we’re now helping.


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