China: People Eating Female Cat Placentas In Zhejiang, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

China: People Eating Female Cat Placentas In Zhejiang

Mother cats in Zhejiang are used to deliver litters of kittens so cat vendors can take the mother cat’s placentas and sell them for human consumption under the banner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Local Zhejiang residents believe eating female cat placentas are good for their children’s health.

Cats are kept in appalling conditions, seriously injured, diseased and dying. Cat vendors are only interested in harvesting cat placentas so when they die, bodies are strewn on the ground for chickens to eat.

The placenta is an organ attached to the lining of the womb during pregnancy. It keeps the unborn baby’s blood supply separate from the mother’s blood supply, as well as providing a link between the two. The placenta is connected to the baby by the umbilical cord. Female cats will have one placenta per kitten, but sometimes twin kittens will share a placenta. Mother cats will sometimes eat some of the placentas during birthing., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

This cat is about to be rescued by Stray Don’t Cry, and taken to a vet hospital.

Local Zhejiang cat rescue team Stray Don’t Cry today rescued all the cats in the video. They told me people eating cat placenta is popular in China because of the false belief its great for their children. Human placenta is used to make certain cosmetic creams and medicines, but eating cat placenta takes things to a new level.

Stray Don’t Cry rescue dogs and cats in Zhejiang, but mainly center their rescue work on cats because there’s a severe lack of cat rescue in their area. They run a cat foster program and hold adoption events every eight weeks. They currently have 40 rescue cats: 30 cats are in safe foster with families and 10 cats are recovering in vet hospitals.

Video: not graphic.
Filmed today: cat meat cats being rescued by Stray Don’t Cry:


Fight Dog Meat is in direct contact with Stray Don’t Cry and we look forward to helping them in their rescue work. Cats suffer terribly in dog meat countries. They’re the forgotten victims of the dog meat trade!

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2 thoughts on “China: People Eating Female Cat Placentas In Zhejiang

  1. PATRICIA WELCH - March 16, 2018 at 4:31 am

    Michele Brown – THANK YOU so much for mentioning that cats suffer the same appalling fate as dogs, but are pretty much ignored. As an Animal Lover, I think as many cats and dogs should be saved from this horror. As a Cat Person it breaks my heart to see cats disregard, just because they’re not dogs.

    It’s the same here with dog fighting. The focus is on the dogs, and the bait dogs, that are slaughtered. But no one mentioned the bait cats that are torn apart – and the rabbits and other prey animals.

    I’m so glad to see someone speaking out. You might be surprised to hear I get much derision when I speak out for cats in the meat trade, and the dog fighting rings. Thank you for doing what you do, for ALL animals.

    I don’t have much but I’ll support Stray Don’t Cry and Fight Dog Meat every chance I get.
    I’m the one crying now.

  2. Tracey price - January 19, 2020 at 5:31 pm

    Please save these cats from this nightmare and close these places down , I would never visit your country because of this


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