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Vietnam: Vietnam’s Cat Rescuer Quyen

Vietnam’s animal rescuers do amazing work in a communist country which offers them no support through laws or regulations. By law they’re forbidden from speaking out or protesting in the streets. Vietnam’s animal rescuers are mostly unknown and under-appreciated. They’re financially broke and suffer bouts of depression at the helplessness of the plight of animals they see every day. There are more suffering animals than they can take in and no laws to bring the suffering to an end.

Quyen is the cat rescuer from the media article currently circulating the internet. She’s a middle aged Vietnamese lady, located near Saigon. She has 775 cats, plus a dozen dogs and some birds. The dogs and cats are all rescued from the dog and cat meat trade. Quyen has dedicated her life to helping animals in Vietnam.

Quyen needs help to feed her rescued dogs and cats. She lives very modestly but cannot sustain feeding the cats and dogs by herself. Fight Dog meat is helping Quyen with animal food and medicine so please help if possible., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Cats rescued by Quyen.

A Vietnamese animal lover spoke with me today to voice his despair at the hate toward all Vietnamese people in the comments on the media article about cat meat. He is well spoken and well educated but stumbled over words to describe the pain in his heart on reading the depth of vile racism against his country.

Teachable Moment: there is animal cruelty in every country, including western and European countries. Take a look at sow pens, badger culls, kangaroo culls, etc. Hate the trade but ‘not’ the nation. In every nation there are also many good people, trying their best to work with what they’ve got. Vietnam’s animal rescuers are good people who we need to support and encourage – not attack with cretinous racism.

Cat eating is in the minority in Vietnam. It’s ‘not’ a mainstream food eaten by everyone on a daily or even weekly basis, such as bacon for example. Cat meat is eaten mainly out of superstition, to ward off bad luck at the start of each month. A cat butcher told me some superstitious cat eaters (falsely) believe if you eat a cat’s spine once a month you will take on the agility of the cat.

Video: not graphic. Some of Quyen’s rescued cats.


Leading up to 1998 cats were almost wiped out of Vietnam, to the point that plague numbers of rodents took over Vietnamese farmer’s crops; completely wiping out harvests and pushing the country to the brink of famine. This was directly blamed onto the astonishing number of cats which had been eaten for cat meat. The (then) Prime Minister issued a Directive in 1998 to protect cats against slaughter for consumption and the revoking of licensing for all cat meat restaurants. Illegal smuggling, trafficking and transporting cats across the border for cat meat was also specifically addressed. The above law has not been revoked and is flagrantly ignored.

I’ve always described cat meat cats as the forgotten victims of the dog meat trade. Thank you to rescuers like Quyen, who decided to help as many cats as she could. Fight Dog Meat will continue to expose the plight of dogs and cats in the global meat trade. We’re working to help local animal lovers bring in animal protection laws and to help end the cruel dog and cat meat trade and shut it down for good.

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One thought on “Vietnam: Vietnam’s Cat Rescuer Quyen

  1. DM L - March 20, 2018 at 1:54 am

    Thank you, Michele Brown, for your comment, “Hate the trade but ‘not’ the nation. In every nation there are also many good people, trying their best to work with what they’ve got. Vietnam’s animal rescuers are good people who we need to support and encourage – not attack with cretinous racism.”

    As, I told you once, before in an email, in where we “talked”, I run a small Google+ pro-animal community, now under 500 people. I get constant comments against “Asian people”, “the yellow race”, “Chinese people”, etc.. I keep trying to tell people, that it is not someone’s race, but their culture, and what they were taught, when they were young; and there are good and bad people all over the world, etc… But the racist comments keep coming, that I begin to wonder, if “animal activists” are just so blind, and too “hot-headed”, to understand, anything. It is very frustrating sometimes.


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