Vietnam: Woman Dog Butcher Boasting, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Vietnam: Woman Dog Butcher Boasting

Female Kim Tiền is a mother, a wife and a dog butcher. She’s posted a series of videos on Facebook boasting her skills as a dog butcher. One video in particular shows her laughing and cracking jokes as she lowers a ‘still alive’ dog into boiling water. As she laughs and moves the dog’s back, it’s hind leg flips over, showing its not dead., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Kim Tiền woman dog butcher cracking jokes about the dog she’s slaughtering, as she holds it in boiling water., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Kim Tiền at work, slaughtering a dog by lowering it in boiling water, and cracking jokes about it’s suffering.

The pictures above are from the slaughter video which at the time we were not able to get a copy of, but we watched the video on her Facebook page. Notice she uses a blunt trowel, a utensil often used in concreting by hand. [Scroll down to see 13 seconds of this video which we later secured.]

1st UPDATE: just as we published this article, Kim Tiền removed her slaughter videos from her Facebook page – but we already had copies of them. She removed them because large numbers of Vietnamese animal lovers stormed her Facebook page and abused her for being a cruel heartless dog butcher.

2nd UPDATE: we secured 13 seconds of the first video which we did not have a copy of. The original video was a couple of minutes; ours is only 13 seconds. The quality of the video is poor but its enough to give you a clear view of what Kim Tiền does as a dog butcher.

Video: dog butcher Kim Tiền at work brutally slaughtering a dog.
Viewer discretion advised.


Feel free to visit her Facebook page and leave a comment for her: Kim Tiền.

3rd UPDATE: has closed up her Facebook page, for now. In a few days she’ll no doubt open it back up and it’ll be business as usual.

In a bizarre twist, Fight Dog Meat on Facebook can ‘not’ post graphic videos because it violates Facebook standards, but dog and cat butchers ‘can’ post graphic content without penalty.

Video: Kim Tiền and her family enjoying eating dog meat as a family. The dog in the video is already dead. After a few seconds into the video it crosses to her family all enjoying eating the dog meat.
The earlier video (on her Facebook page) shows the dog barely alive in boiling water, and being laughed at by the woman as she cracks jokes about it.


There are many dog and cat butchers on social media who are undetected by Facebook community standards. Many of them tout their page as a tool to promote their business and bring customers. Some of the pages contain horrific cruelty, which for them is allowed! Sadly, when we’ve posted the exact same videos we’ve received stern warnings from Facebook for violating community standards.

If we cannot expose dog and cat butchers directly on Facebook, then we will do it here on our website. One way or another we will expose them.

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  1. Rose Rodriguez - August 5, 2018 at 7:08 am

    sadistic..😡…heartbreaking 💔 Dogs save human lives and this how you repay them. Karma will get you.


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