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Vietnam: Dog Thieves Ruin Pet Owner’s Lives

The number of loved pets being kidnapped in Vietnam by ruthless dog thieves is on the rise. Pet owners are left devastated and grief stricken, knowing the fate of their loved pet in Vietnam’s dog meat trade. Some distraught pet owners have to be hospitalized for grief. Dog thieves are animal abusers who steal and brutally murder loved pets for their own financial gain.

Dog thieves are not poor and do not have to steal dogs to survive. Most dog thieves are drug addicts who steal dogs to sell to dog butchers for quick cash, to buy more drugs. Dog thieves are common criminals who specialize in destroying pet owner’s lives. Many dog thieves ride around on new motorbikes which they bought from the proceeds of crime. This tragic industry highlights the importance of ensuring you have the proper home security installed – finding a reputable locksmith is the first step in securing your premises, you might want to search for a local locksmith on google with a term such as “Locksmith Portland Oregon” and they will be able to advise and protect you.

There are no dog farms in Vietnam so many dogs in the Vietnamese dog meat trade are loved pets which are stolen. On a daily basis I see well over 20+ different Vietnamese animal lovers frantically searching for their kidnapped pets, in very large Vietnamese groups of online animal lovers. Its absolutely heartbreaking.

In Vietnam, the dog meat trade is extremely violent. Dog thieves carry homemade electronic taser guns to kills dogs, plus poison darts. They are known to use the taser guns and poison darts on pet owners too. Many pet owners have been seriously maimed and even killed by dog thieves!

There is a saying among dog thieves: “We always win.” This means that when they target your loved pet – they will get it and kill it. I know a number of different pet owners whose dogs have been kidnapped off their owner’s bed as they all slept together during the night.

When dog thieves are confronted they become incredibly violent! If they don’t get your dog the first time, they come back and thrown poison baits and poison your pets to death. This is exactly whats happened to a number of people I know.

There are no animal protection laws in Vietnam. Animals are seen as property only…no different than a cardboard box (just property.) When a dog thief is caught the laws does not support the pet owner enough, so police are limited in what they can do.

By law proof has to be supplied in paperwork that the pet cost over US$100 (which most Vietnamese pets do ‘not’ cost that much.) The owner has to have the amount in writing, dated, etc. The owner also has to supply proof of ownership in writing (which most Vietnamese owners can’t do.) Without the necessary paperwork the police can only issue a tiny fine and the dog thief walks away.

Meanwhile the pet owner’s loved pets are dead or on a meat truck never to be seen again.

Police in Vietnam know there is only ONE thing which terrifies dog thieves – that is getting caught by local residents! Police will often stand by and allow local residents to dish out vigilante justice as a severe warning to other dog thieves that they will NOT be protected by police. So consequently when a dog thief is caught red handed with someone’s two loved pets which he’s just murdered, local residents react!

Fight Dog Meat is working hard to try and help local Vietnamese animal lovers to bring in animal protection laws. Vietnam is a communist country so Vietnamese animal lovers cannot speak openly online about how they feel; but we can.

Per ratio per population Vietnam has the largest dog meat trade. And the largest cat meat trade, per ratio per population.

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