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China: Siberian Husky For Meat

The man butchering the Siberian Husky didn’t want to be caught red handed and publicly identified by local Chinese animal lovers. He waited for nightfall, took the Siberian Husky to the heavily treed location in a public place by a busy intersection. Underneath low hanging branches of a large tree, the man threw a rope over a high tree limb and hung the flailing dog off the ground by a rope around it’s neck.

Hanging a dog by its neck is a very slow and cruel way for a dog to die. However for a coward like this butcher, hanging the dog by its neck prohibited the the dog from screaming out in agony because it’s throat was crushed by the rope cutting into it’s neck.

It’s most likely the man began skinning the Husky while it was still alive and conscious. This is a common disgustingly cruel practice by individuals in China who kill dogs for personal use. Like many dog meat eaters they falsely believe the tougher the meat the better. Meat is toughened by deliberately inflicting terror and pain on the conscious live animal to deliberately flood it’s body with adrenaline.

[Note: this is the complete opposite to western and European meat eaters who seek tender ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ meat, which is brought about by limiting stress as much as possible on the animal leading up to, and during, the slaughter process.]


Video: graphic. Viewer discretion advised.



No one can begin to imagine what this poor dog endured before he breathed his last breath and died. Local Chinese animal lovers videoed and shouted their disgust at the cowardly man as he nervously laughed in response.

The dog was brutally killed near Yunbin Garden Community at the junction of Feifei West Road and North Ring, Hefei, Anhui Province. Local Chinese animal lovers want the man exposed for the cruelty he inflicted. His knowledge of how to do it and where to do it shows he’s probably done it before. But this time he got caught. Now he’s being exposed.

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