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India: Mizoram Dog Traffickers

Dog traffickers moving a large number of live dog meat dogs have been spotted entering Mizoram’s capital city Aizawl, located in the north. Each dog has it’s mouth tied shut and is trussed and hogtied inside the sacks. Dogs are thrown and tossed on top of each other as truck is loaded. Many dogs suffer broken bones and a number of dogs suffocate from the weight of other dogs being thrown on top of them. The dogs are left for piled on each other for up to days in relentless heat with no food or water. They’re destined to be slaughtered for dog meat.

The truck was first spotted in Lunglei, a town in the south-central region of Mizoram, before crossing into Aizawl. Animal rescuers from surrounding areas are calling for local assistance in Aizwal, to help them intercept the truck, along with police attendance. Truck registration MZ 01 B 1332.

In direct discussions with Indian rescue team members in Tripura, they are passionate about exposing dog trafficking and stamping out dog eating. It breaks their heart every time they confront dog traffickers with live dogs trussed and hogtied, dying and near death. Dogs are often drugged to shut them up from screaming in pain and/or terror, so the traffickers can move the dogs without being noticed or heard.

Indian rescue teams in Tripura take great pride feeding and caring for many stray dogs in their State. They sterilize and vaccinate the dogs, and put collars on them to identify dogs which have already been treated by them. They feed and provide ongoing medical care for the dogs.

Earlier this year in a short period of time hundreds of their loved dogs wearing collars were captured during the night and trafficked for dog meat. It’s horrifying for the rescue teams when their loved street dogs disappear, knowing they’ve been grabbed for dog meat for neighboring dog eating States., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Passionate Indian rescuers in Tripura speaking out against the killing of a Tiger and her cubs.

Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you reports from India and the wonderful work these rescuers are doing, for their loved animals of ‘all’ species!

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