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India: 2 Tonnes Of Dog Meat Seized In Chennai

Over 2 tonnes of dog meat destined for a hotel in Chennai was seized by Railway Protection Force officials on Saturday. Working on a tip-off, officials intercepted the men from loading the boxes onto a parcel van on the platform. The putrid stench of dog meat from 11 polystyrene boxes being unloaded at the Chennai Egmore Railway Station was overwhelming to everyone nearby.

By the time officials from the Food and Drug Administration and Health Department arrived the men had fled the platform leaving the boxes behind. When the unsealed boxes were opened officials found dog carcasses stacked on top of each other. The meat had begun rotting after being transported at warm air temperature, making it a serious health hazard. The shipment was initially booked by someone at Gandhidham in Gujarat and dispatched via Jodhpur-Mannargudi Express said the Indian Times.

On Indian Prime TV last year, a spokesperson for animal rescue in Tripura said they believed dog meat was being sold as chicken or mutton in various restaurants across India. They said dog meat mixed with a 50:50 ratio of chicken or mutton and served in spicey curry puffs would go unnoticed by most customers. India has large numbers of stray dogs which can easily become free of cost  income for illegal dog butchers.

Most local people have no idea how many stray dogs live in their area and would not notice numbers of stray dogs dwindling as they’re captured and slaughtered for illegal dog meat. Stray dogs are highly socialized with people and consequently easy to catch for slaughter.

Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you reports from India and the wonderful work these rescuers are doing, for their loved animals of ‘all’ species!

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