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Vietnam: Black Cat, White Horse, Superstitions

Vietnam is a culture with many superstitions. Black cats and white horses are falsely marketed to possess supernatural medical powers in healing and transforming lives. Black cats have to be pure black without any trace of color or markings. The pony in the picture (above) is tied up outside a restaurant as an advertisement for white horse meat.

A common method of slaughter in Vietnam’s cat meat trade is drowning. Cats are crammed into flat iron cages and slowly submerged into a specially built pit of water. For specialized treatment “twice drowning” is performed. The animals are partially drowned, then brought up to the surface, rested for a few moments, then re-submerged., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat,, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

In the video below the black cats are wet because they’ve already been drowned.

Video: viewer discretion advised.



Bones of black cats and white horses are cooked up then ground into powders. They’re cooked into thick slabs and sold as Traditional Medicine with super power healing qualities. Horse bones are falsely marketed to induce supernatural erotic prowess to those who eat it. Its the exact same argument which is used to market dog meat!

Black cat bones are marketed as gifts for those you love. Black cat bones are cooked into a paste and packaged in a lovely box and can be sent as a packaged gift. The box contains instructions on how to cook up the black paste on a daily basis to regain your health and be “cured” of all illnesses. Elderly people are particularly targeted as people who will greatly benefit from eating black cat bones. Its falsely marketed to restore the memory and bring back vigor to elderly and frail people.

Black cats are falsely marketed to impart supernatural healing powers to “cure” every medical condition, including life threatening conditions requiring urgent hospital treatment. It is downright criminal to falsely market bags of powdered bones as curing serious illnesses and diseases. There is no scientific evidence to prove any of the false claims by black cat and white horse “manufactures.” 

Video: cat bones from a cat meat restaurant.



Some of the medical conditions listed as being “cured” by eating black cat paste: depression, Alzhiemer’s disease, pimples, arthritis, wobbly knees, failing strength, post natal depression, seizures, loss of libido, loss of agility and many more.

With no animal protection laws in Vietnam the slaughter of horses is barbaric. They’re usually hit in the head a few times then stabbed in the throat.

Video: horse bones being prepared to sell as medicine.



Cats are the forgotten victims of the dog meat trade. They endure horrific conditions and a terrible death. Pure black cats are farmed to meet the demand for black cat bones. The cat cannot have any other trace of color or marking; it must be pure black.

A cat butcher told me to my face: “Some cat eaters believe when you eat the cat’s spine you get the agility of that cat.” Regular cat meat is eaten at the start of each month under the false belief it wards off evil spirits.

READ MORE: Vietnam: Boiled Black Cats Sold As Medicine.

Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you reports from Vietnam and the wonderful work these rescuers are doing, for their loved animals of ‘all’ species!

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