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China: Golden Retriever Brutally Attacked

Golden Retrievers are big and goofey but they are not savage. The woman hit the dog from behind while riding her electric bike, causing her to fall off her bike onto the road. The dog got a fright and spun around and saw a person on the ground waving their arms in the air and screaming. In my opinion I think the dog saw this as a game because he was wagging his tail the entire time.

The dog mouthed one of her waving arms. As she tried to pull away screaming that she was being killed, the dog shook his head as he would do to a toy; still wagging his tail. (1) The dog should not have been loose on the road. (2) The woman was probably petrified of all dogs, especially a ‘huge’ dog such as a Golden Retriever. In her mind she possibly believed she was being savaged and would die.

Responding to her screams male bystanders began savagely beating the dog to get it away from the woman. The dog instantly released the woman and turned around to see the crowd. A savage dog who is genuinely attacking would NOT have released the woman and just stood there. A savage dog would either continue mauling the target or switch targets and go after the new target.

In my opinion I think the blood on the woman’s hands is from the dog which was severely bludgeoned by male bystanders. There are no lacerations visible on the woman, only fresh blood. Her clothes are not ripped. She is composed enough to stand on the pavement ledge and rock back and forth as a show to demonstrate how scary it all was. It is a documented fact that many people in China feign injury for attention. If the woman had suffered any bite marks at all she would have shown them to the cameras. She would have ripped those papers off her arms and shown what happened to her. I believe the blood was from the dog.

I have experience with savage dogs. I have owned savage dogs. I have rescued savage dogs, and I’ve been severely savaged by savage dogs. This Golden Retriever was NOT savaging the woman. In my opinion I believe he thought it was a game.

Security officers arrived and on video we can see them bludgeon the dog with full force 11 times. The dog is still alive as it lays critically injured on the road. Meanwhile the woman parades around as the victim. Where is the owner of the dog? Why was the dog loose in the first place? This incident now puts all dogs in Nanshan, Shenzhen in jeopardy in case authorities crack down to confiscate all unleashed or unregistered dogs.

Local animal lovers were in the crowd, watching in horror. They phoned the local Ruipeng Pet Hospital for urgent help. A vet team arrived on the scene and confirmed the dying dog was still alive. The security officers were finished with the dog and allowed the vet team to remove it’s broken body. Vets rushed the dog to the surgery where it remains in critical condition. They were able to temporarily stabilize the dog but a lot of things can still go wrong. He has probably lost an eye too.

Video: unedited version. Viewer discretion advised.




Until pet owners take responsibility for their pet’s life these dreadful situations will continue. This is not the first situation like this and it won’t be the last. Pet owners must keep their dogs leashed and not let them run loose simply because they’re too lazy to walk them. Innocent pets pay the ultimate penalty for lazy owners. Letting pets run free is often a death sentence as there are no animal protection laws in China.

Thank you to Ruipeng Pet Hospital in Shenzhen for coming to rescue this poor dog. We pray he can make a good recovery and find a new home where he’ll be loved and appreciated.

China is the country which is hosting the World Dog Show in the upcoming months!

Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you reports from China and the wonderful work their rescuers are doing, for their loved animals of all species!

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  1. Sara Arbogast - January 6, 2019 at 3:22 pm

    Will never understand the animal torture and cruelty of these helpless, innocent and loving animals… sickens me


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