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China: World Dog Show for Shanghai

The World Dog Show begins in April, in Shanghai. International dog judges have expressed their excitement for the event to be held in China. Behind the spritz and glitter of show dogs are myriads of Shanghai dogs in horrific conditions in government holding cells. Holding dungeons are filled to capacity with dogs in different stages of terror,  starvation, disease, mutilation and partially eaten carcasses.

Outrage broke out a bit over a year ago when the fate of dogs in the government owned Jinshan facility in Shanghai was exposed. It was exposed that when numbers of dogs reached a certain figure, they were incinerated alive at a local crematorium. Hundreds of distressed local people stormed the outside of the building. Dogs could be heard howling and barking from inside the walls.

Members of the public had never been allowed inside the building until that day, when a large number of dogs were saved. Rescuers were only allowed inside for minutes. They grabbed dogs in all directions and were quickly shoved outside the gates and back onto the street. Many of them broke down and wept, clutching dogs.

They witnessed dead puppies, partially eaten dogs, pets with house collars and name tags. There were elderly dogs, dogs groaning in agony, mother dogs giving birth and so on. It was a horror show hell! The rescued dogs are the original Haven sanctuary dogs, formerly known as Jinshan survivors.

Following the public embarrassment of being exposed for incinerating live dogs, the facility says it no longer burns live dogs. Instead, dogs slowly die of thirst, starvation, terror, disease, depression and so on. Once loved pets who were vaccinated but then end up in the Jinshan hell hole linger on and on; their vaccinations protecting them from contracting diseases and dying early. It is still a hell hole to this day. The following video was taken just over a month ago.

Video: viewer discretion advised. May be upsetting to some.



The following video was taken on the day rescuers were allowed to enter a small section of the facility. No cameras or phones were allowed, but a rescuer sneaked this footage.

Video: viewer discretion strongly advised.
Will be upsetting to some viewers.



Screenshots from public posts written by World Show judges, defending China hosting the upcoming event:, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

The following account is by a Chinese animal lover who is a first hand witness to this atrocity:

“Shanghai, please give us a chance to live…
a few days later, a stray dog ​​is no longer visible on the street.
People can’t help wondering where these stray dogs are going?

Some people discovered the location of these stray dogs.
The following scene is from entering the “Dog Shelter”:
More than a dozen stray dogs are crowded in narrow cages.
Due to the small space they can only step on the feet of their companions.

There are many rotten bodies,
It seems they has been dead for a long time.
Look at their face,
No one knows what they have experienced before.

There are some small puppies who haven’t had time to look at the world in a blink of an eye.
There is no breathing.
Although I know the environment of the shelter is very poor,
But the people who saw this scene were still shocked.

When the people turn their back their tears flowed down.
Dogs can’t tell if they are praying or in despair.
Like a sharp blade piercing the heart, the dog pleads:
“I beg you, save us…”

People don’t dare to stay, crying and leaving,
They dare not look directly at the eyes of the dogs.
Feeling helpless,
and feel very sorry for them.

The dogs were then transported to the larger ‘concentration camp’ in Shanghai, known as Jinshan.

This shelter is forbidden for any person to enter.
But outside the fence, people videoed this scene:

The staff clipped the dog with an iron clip and dropped it from a height.
Every landing will be accompanied by a mourning.
Countless dogs have fallen and died under such a throw.

Many pet dogs with chips are also locked here because of loss.
No food, no water,

They used to have a warm home too.
It’s just that people don’t love it,
It was forced to wander,
In the end, I can only die desperately in the iron cage.”

Another Chinese animal lover responded to the above, with the following comment:

“Every small animal is also a living life. They also have the right to live. The reason why they are wandering is caused by the irresponsible discarding of human beings and the mass breeding of cats and dogs under economic interests. It is impossible to let these innocent souls pay the price of life under the document of rectifying the urban environment.”, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Shanghai: dog catchers and a dog meat restaurant.


Why do we post videos exposing animal cruelty?

Chinese animal lovers want the world to know what is happening to animals inside China. They’re desperate for animal protection laws but their cries fall on deaf ears of their government. Fight Dog Meat is posting these video to help strengthen the voice of animal lovers in China, by helping expose the reality of the dog and cat meat trade which is allowable with no animal protection laws in place. Butchers answer to no one. This applies to all dog and cat meat countries; not just China.

Keeping quiet about things does not stop anything! Worldwide outrage is necessary for governments to take notice. We are pressuring governments by being a voice for animal lovers living in oppressive dog and cat meat countries. Ultimately it is animal lovers living in these countries whom their own government will be forced to listen to, to enact positive change.

Do you think the World Dog Show should be held in China?

Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you reports from China and the wonderful work their rescuers are doing, for their loved animals of all species!

Looking for a new best friend? Take a look at some Jinshan dogs ready for international adoption:

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  1. GunBritt Barkman - February 27, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    Stop this cruel hell fore dogs Shame Contry Totally emty hart

  2. Sharon Taylor - March 4, 2019 at 7:56 pm

    I am gratified and very thankful to the Chinese ppl who have taken a stand against the dogmeat trade. You take a huge personal risk to save the dogs and discourage the ppl of China to change their ways of doing business. From what I have read, one man has even financially backed a man in a different business venture when he promised to leave the dog meat trade. To the Chinese ppl who partake in dog meat, you should stop. There is no market if you do not buy it.And to the ppl of China who are stealing dogs, torturing the dogs and relishing in their pain, you people are savages. You’re sick minded. You are not just killing a dog, you seem to enjoy the suffering of the animal before it dies. You don’t even kill them- you torture them till they cannot take anymore and just die. I am not a fan of any kind of meat processing but at least “many” of the other forms of killing are done with less pleasure than you take. If what I believe is true about trauma being stored in our bodies then it stands to reason, the meat when there is violence in the death, then your ideas on eating dog meat to make your health greater, you have ruined this philosophy by tainting the meat with the enzymes,/memories of being tortured to death. Idiots.If I could curse you all with horribly disfiguring maggot infestation as you die a very slow and painful death. KARMA. What comes around goes around and you deserve nothing more.

  3. Teresa Tebbe - March 6, 2019 at 8:58 pm

    This is huriffick. I can’t read entire article. Are these people barbaric. This needs to stop.

  4. Carol Tuftee - March 15, 2019 at 8:19 pm

    This dog show should be canceled and never b allowed to be held anywhere in Asia, these people disgust me!


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