China: Husky Dog With Butchers, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat, Husky dogChina: Husky Dog With Butchers

The first blow of the iron bar to the Husky dog smashes his lower jaw as he wails in pain. The second blow smashes the side of his jaws. A dog’s snout is among the most sensitive parts of their body but bludgeoning like this butcher will not kill the dog on impact. This is a slow and painful method to disable the dog so he can’t defend himself against their brutality. His cage mates are forced to watch, knowing their turn is coming.


Looking at the pile of freshly killed dogs on the ground we can see a deep stab wound to the chest of the dog in the forefront of the pile. The dogs are bludgeoned with the iron bar, not to kill them but to disable them enough for the butcher to get close enough to stab the dog with a large knife without being bitten. Still alive, the dog’s body would be flooded with adrenaline. This is known as “tenderizing” the meat. Dog eaters call this high quality dog meat because the meat is extremely toughened by the conscious dog’s adrenaline flooding it’s system prior to death., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat. Husky dog

Cage mates forced to watch, knowing their turn is coming.

With the dog reduced to semi-consciousness the butcher would plunge a large knife blade into the dog’s chest and let it bleed it. Sometimes butchers will also stab them in the belly. As the dog convulses and bleeds out the crew would already be starting on the next dog.

Video: viewer discretion advised. Butcher bludgeoning the Husky dog.



Keeping quiet about things does not stop anything! Worldwide outrage is necessary for governments to take notice. We are pressuring governments by being a voice for these animals. Ultimately it is animal lovers living in these countries whom their own government will be forced to listen to, to enact positive change.

Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you reports from dog and cat meat countries and the wonderful work their rescuers are doing, for their loved animals of all species!

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Fight Dog Meat is a Registered Charity. We work with a number of animal rescue teams, including Bohe in northern China and the Haven Sanctuary out of Shanghai. If you would like to help the animals and rescuers we work with in dog and cat meat countries, please consider a small donation., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Fight Dog Meat is a Registered Charity.
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