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China: Eating Dog Meat Will ‘Not’ Cure COVID-19

Eating dog meat will ‘not’ cure or prevent COVID-19, despite false rumors circulating in China saying that it will. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practiced in China is steeped in eating dog and cat meat. Chinese TCM falsely says eating dog meat prevents and cures pneumonia by helping correct the lung and kidney functions of patients. It doesn’t! Some Chinese TCM doctors are now applying this to COVID-19 pneumonia. This is the third wave of false rumors about COVID-19.

The first false rumors inferred dogs and cats could be affected so they need to be killed. A number of pet owners threw their own pet dogs and cats out of high-rise windows to kill them. Unprecedented numbers of pets were abandoned on the streets to fend for themselves.

The second wave of rumors falsely said COVID-19 could mutate to affect dogs and cats. People became terrified of being near dogs and cats in case they became infected. Pet owners began putting face masks on their pets to try and keep their pets safe. This was fear mongering on all levels.

Grave fears are held that dog meat consumption will rise dramatically in China as the rumor spreads. A Chinese blogger personality with 4.75 million followers is promoting the latest false rumors about eating dogs and cats as protection against contracting COVID-19.

Chinese medical doctors are refuting the false rumors saying there’s no scientific evidence to support any of the rumors relating to COVID-19, or eating dog meat as a prevention or cure.The World Health Organization has repeatedly said dogs and cats do ‘not’ get COVID-19 and they do ‘not’ spread the virus.

Medical Specialist in respiratory medicine, Dr. Wu Zhenchao said that the ancestor of Chinese medicine, Zhang Zhongjing, said eating dogs and rats can cause fistula, so dogs should not be eaten.

A small example of animals used in Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Chinese people eat bats because they represent ‘blessings.’ Bats are sometimes cooked with deer because deer represent longevity. This is known as Fushou soup to impart blessings and longevity.

Eating endangered Civet cats is falsely believed to heal burn scalds. Many wild animals are falsely believed to be aphrodisiacs when eaten.

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  1. Helen Morton-Cameron - February 17, 2020 at 12:54 pm

    Scientific research confirms that eating dogmeat has no health benefits ‼️

  2. Helen Morton-Cameron - February 17, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    Dogmeat will not give any protection nor cure for any virus.This has been proven by scientific research.


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