Vietnam: Dog Thieves Caught With 14 Dogs, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Vietnam: Dog Thieves Caught With 14 Dogs

Dog thieves were caught with 14 dogs which they’d stolen to sell for dog meat. At 2am police in Binh Duong province noticed two men in a car acting suspiciously in a car with fake number plates. Police gave chase as the dog thieves tried to escape. The thieves threw nails onto the road to try and puncture the police car’s tires. However, Binh Duong police are experienced against tricks used by dog thieves trying to escape.

Police successfully overtook the thieves, forcing their car to go off road into a ditch. One of the thieves jumped from the car and ran, but was caught and arrested as he tried to flee the scene. The other thief was also arrested., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Vietnam: 14 dogs seized by police, from two dog thieves.

Searching the car police uncovered 14 dogs, with their mouth bound shut and their four legs bound together. Some dogs were alive and some had already suffocated to death. Police also uncovered six electric guns and multiple tools to steal, injure and kill dogs. Police also uncovered nails to puncture tires of anyone who would try and chase them, and chili powder to throw into people’s eyes if anyone tried to tackle them., pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat

Vietnam: dog thieves and their tools used to catch, injure and kill dogs.

Police took the dogs to a safe location and untied the bindings from their face and legs. Each dog was weighed by police to calculate the total weight of the 14 dogs. The information will be used as evidence when the dog thieves are prosecuted in court.

Police are now inviting any owners who recognize their own dog among the photographs to please bring photo proof of their dog and collect their pet dog back.

The two dog thieves will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Thank you to Phu An Police in Binh Duong for their diligence in apprehending and arresting the dog thieves. Well done!

Fight Dog Meat will keep exposing what is taking place to these animals. Collectively we all have to keep yelling to let the governments know that we KNOW what is happening! Turning away or sitting quietly does not end the trade. We’re helping local volunteers have a louder voice on a world platform. Ultimately it’s the voice of the country’s own people whom their government will eventually be forced to listen to, for positive change for animals. With your help and support Fight Dog Meat will continue to pressure governments from the sidelines. We will not be quiet and will not back down. Animal protection laws are needed!

Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you reports from dog and cat meat countries and the wonderful work their rescuers are doing despite no animal protection laws.

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