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China: Update: Golden Retriever Beaten To Death By Police Officer

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As the officer’s wooden pole smashed into the petrified Golden Retriever’s head one more time, the dog wailed out in agony at the blinding pain ripping through his brain, shattered skull and facial bones. Sliding in a pool of his own blood, the tied up dog screamed for mercy and thrashed on the ground as the pain intensified. Officer Hu Hanlin pumped his chest out and strutted around like a peacock, proud of his accomplishment. Onlookers stood motionless in disbelief and horrified repulsion.

Fight Dog Meat has received many comments on our previous website article about this dog’s death, but also from people justifying the police officer’s actions. Some people are congratulating him for killing the dog and ridding the streets of vicious and rabid dogs.  A lot of misinformation is now circulating about this case, as if by design to throw media off covering the story due to contradictory stories popping up.

www.FightDogMeat.com, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat
The bludgeoned Golden Retriever lays in a pool of his own blood.

One of the comments justifying the officer’s actions said there’s a lot more serious things than dog bites and used the threat of rabies to applaud the officer’s actions. They said half the people in China have uncivilized dogs, owned by so-called animal lovers who abandon their dogs to the streets and do not regularly feed them.

Another comment says the dog had bitten over one dozen people and everyone was too scared to go near it. I do not believe that at all! I’ve seen the video of the dog “attacking the old man” and it clearly shows the dog wagging his tail and eager for human contact. It was ‘not’ an attack. Another comment says they clearly support the officer for taking away the threat to pedestrians.

www.FightDogMeat.com, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat
The Changsha police officer who tortured the Golden Retriever to death.

The Golden Retriever was bludgeoned to death on December 31, 2017, over a three hour period. The attack took place at the gate of Puyuan bus station on Furong road, Changsha.

The dog was already tied up to a concrete fixture and as people walked past, its reported the boisterous dog rushed forward to say “Hi” to passing pedestrians. The dog had been boarded at a local vet hospital for some time and had never shown any hint of aggressiveness. The friendly dog was adopted to a family whom the clinic believed would provide a good home.

www.FightDogMeat.com, pet centric, Fight Dog Meat, fightdogmeat
The officer’s police car.

The irresponsible owner needs to take some responsibility too! The dog should not have been tied up on a walk way in Changsha, China where many people are genuinely scared of dogs; especially large dogs!

The frail old man who claimed the dog “attacked” him doesn’t have a scratch on his leg at all! However the dog scared the old man enough that he complained to police and obviously embellished the story. The police reaction is outrageous, unlawful and disgusting. The officer brutally bludgeoned the tied up dog in front of impressionable young children in a public place.

Animal lovers tried to intervene but were refused entry and held back by other officers, under the threat of arrest if they intervened. Onlookers wept and screamed in horror, unable to stop the attack or save the dog.

Video: graphic; viewer discretion advised.


Video: not graphic.
Local Chinese animal lovers prepare a memorial for the slain Golden Retriever.



Fight Dog Meat will continue to bring you reports from dog and cat meat countries and the wonderful work their rescuers are doing despite no animal protection laws. Turning away or sitting quietly does not end the trade. We’ll keep exposing what is taking place to these animals. We’re helping local volunteers have a louder voice on a world platform. Ultimately it’s the voice of the country’s own people whom their government will eventually be forced to listen to, for positive change for animals.


Read the original article: China: Police Officer Bludgeons Golden Retriever Over Three Hours.

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9 Responses

  1. Eva Reichert
    | Reply

    Police should show good example for people! What kind of example is this for adult and children? That officer should end up in jail!

  2. Elizabeth Fuller
    | Reply

    Please could you keep everyone informed on how this horrifically brutal slaughter is perceived – I am hoping the officer will be harshly prosecuted and there are no more cases like it. I understand there are no animal welfare laws in China but where is the humanity???????

  3. Debra Grossman
    | Reply

    Shame on anyone who defends this Monster! What happened here to to this dog was a horrendous crime. If this happened in another civilized country, this Officer would have been put in jail, lost his job, received a high fine and be shamed on every social media and news report. These atrocities must stop immediately. What happened here is very heartbreaking and disturbing. Anyone defending this is a monster themselves and they need to take a long look in the mirror.

  4. Sue Bard
    | Reply

    It’s been awhile since I have written any comments, hoeever, my reaction to this wasn’t horror, it was deep sadness.i feel grief for this poor dog ehom I don’t even know. I am not a big Golden Retriever fan, but I do know this: they are one of the most gentle, oving, eager to please breeds in the world. Golden is apt for it fits their character to a tee. Maybe it’s my imagination but ehrn I look at that blood soaked visage it seems I can feel his surprise and bewilderment at the treatment he is experiencing at the hands of a member of a species which he has loved unconditionally with his big, golden heart. I don’t just say this; Rest In Peace, beautiful dog.

  5. Lauren Hoiles
    | Reply

    So infuriating that anyone of any sane, rational mind could think the killing of this dog was anything other than barbaric, psychopathic torture. I hope one day this Officer meets a similar ending to the one he so cruelly imposed on that poor wee soul. As for those agreeing with the Officer I hope the blackness in your cold, dead hearts colours your life with the same lack of compassion you have shown this beautiful dog. Thank you fightdogmeat for continuing to report the truth!

  6. Jo Ardell
    | Reply

    This Cruel Shit Towards Helpless Dogs and Cats Must Stop and there Must Be JUSTICE For Poor Tortured Animals!

  7. Jeanette Goodman
    | Reply

    I am disgusted at tge pure cruelty done on this poor defenceless dog. Total brutality. I hope this man has a very painful end to his sad life.
    I will never visit China and the more I hear of their cruelty to animals the more I wonder about their humanity. I am disgusted.

  8. Unanimous
    | Reply


  9. Unanimous
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